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Watch and Learn This Popular Contouring Make up Technique and be Like a Pro!





Contouring may be very difficult to do but this is an important step whenever girls put make up. Contouring enhances the facial structure of women; it can make the face look thinner, hide flaws and it can also highlight facial features.

It is essential that you know how to find the perfect shade for you; wrong shade and products may make your face look unclean. Matte is best for contouring and shimmery is best for highlighting. Contouring might be difficult at first but practice makes perfect. You just need the right brush and product for application as well as right tutorial videos to watch.

Use a natural light when contouring and highlighting, because you won’t be able to see how thick you have applied if you use bright or other types of lights. Remember that in contouring and highlighting you want to bring out your best features and hide your flaws, putting too much or too less may ruin the entire effect of your make up.

Cyndle Komarovski is a great make up artist, she shows in the video below the best technique on how to contour the face. Step one is to put the foundation evenly on your face. Second, choose a contouring shade that suits your skin tone. It is not advisable to use a strong orangey shade. You can use a shimmery type of contour only at night nevertheless matte is better for contouring.

Next is to suck in your cheeks and put contour by sweeping it near your ears to the corners of your cheeks. Take note that you should blend it carefully.

Brush contour to the temples of your face, most especially to the areas that you want to improve. Blend some on your jaw line and nose. For the nose, you should use a smaller brush to perfectly define the shape of your nose. Put contour at the crease of your eyes too. Take time and learn the techniques.

Watch the video:

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