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Curly Eyelashes Are The Latest Ridiculous Beauty Trend





It seems like there is always a new trend going viral on Instagram these days. However, people were truly stunned when something called “curly eyelashes” started trending on social media. So is this truly a trend that women are adopting or could it be a mere hoax?

An image of the curly eyelashes trend was first shared on Facebook where it immediately went viral. The pictures, which show a woman’s eye with her eyelashes appearing to have been given a perm, had people comparing it to pubic hair and wondering if makeup trends have gone too far. Others simply laughed at the idea.

The “curly eyelashes” trend is shocking people all over the world.

So is this a new shocking trend? Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The images that have gone viral were actually posted by makeup artist Sofie Petersen on Instagram. Petersen, who is known for her strange makeup looks, had come up with the humorous idea perhaps as a nod towards puberty.

Interestingly, Petersen had posted a less-curly version of the look on Instagram back in February and joked that her new eyelash curler was really effective.

You can check out some of Petersen’s radical makeup looks below.

Petersen’s eye makeup looks are truly amazing to look at and fairly difficult to replicate.

Luckily, a quick search on Instagram confirms that nobody else has tried to duplicate Petersen’s curly eyelashes look. With that in mind, the makeup artist can still claim that the look is wholly her own. In the meantime, people can rest assured that the trend isn’t real and should be happy with their lightly curled lashes for now.

If you like the unusual makeup looks from Petersen, you can follow the makeup artist on Instagram @sofiepeterseen. Perhaps the next viral trend will come from one of Petersen’s interesting posts.

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