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Wales Zoo Now Has A Retirement Home For Sloths

“Our older animals are just as important to us and we need to make sure they’re looked after in their old age.”


Where do sloths go when they retire? The sweet, slow-moving creatures can now move to a zoo in Wales that has just opened a sloth retirement home.

Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo is a zoo in Pembrokeshire in Wales, UK where children and adults can visit their favorite animals. Interestingly, the zoo had an option of taking in a young breeding pair of sloths earlier last year. However, they ultimately decided to provide a home for two older sloths who have since “retired” from other zoos.

Elderly sloths are now welcome at Folly Farm in Wales.

The zoo is already home to Tuppee, a 24-year-old sloth who has been with Folly Farm since 2016. Tuppee was recently joined by the 34-year-old Lightcap, who spent most of his years at the Bristol Zoo. Interestingly, Lightcap is the fifth oldest sloth in any European zoo to date.

Zoo curator Tim Morphew explained Folly Farm’s decision to open the sloth retirement home.

“Initially, we didn’t make a conscious decision to home older sloths,” he said. “Conservation is key for us at Folly Farm and our breeding programmes are a huge part of that, but our older animals are just as important to us and we need to make sure they’re looked after in their old age. By taking on these older animals and giving them a comfortable retirement, we’re helping conservation efforts at other zoos by freeing up enclosures for younger, breeding pairs.”

Although sloths usually have a lifespan of 20 years in the wild, they can live up to 50 years old in captivity.

They might be senior citizens but the two sloths clearly have great personalities. Tuppee is described as being “a bit grumpy” but also “a softie at heart.” Although she is older, Lightcap is still surprisingly light on her feet and appears to really enjoy having a new roommate in Tuppee.

Folly Farm is planning to open to bringing in more elderly sloths that have retired in the future. The zoo offers an option to Adopt A Sloth so you can help keep Tuppee and Lightcap healthy and happy.

Take a look at the sloth retirement home below:

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