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Texas Zoo Reopens With A Drive-Thru Experience




  • The San Antonio Zoo in Texas has reopened to the public with a temporary drive-thru arrangement.
  • This initiative is supposed to help tide over the expenses for animal care and provide jobs for their furloughed staff during the pandemic.
  • Meanwhile, they also set an exclusive Pass Holder and Member visitation on foot, which will run for three days from May 29 to 31 under special conditions.

Following the slight easing of restrictions in many areas around the world, a zoo in Texas has reopened to the public but with a slight twist. With the mandatory social distancing measures still in place, the San Antonio Zoo in Texas has taken a special precaution for their patrons by setting up new rules.

Visitors can now see the lions, tigers, and bears at the zoo, all from the security of their vehicles with the new drive-thru option. On top of the that, they can also listen to an audio-guided tour and buy food and drinks at the curbside all throughout the park.


According to Tim Morrow, president and CEO of San Antonio Zoo, this new initiative is their way of easing into the “new” normal, as they gradually open the zoo to the public. He also said that their “safe” alternative is available at $60 for non-pass holders and $32 for annual pass holders and members. Also, the cost helps them raise funds for animal care and provide jobs for their furloughed staff, while they await the ‘green light’ to do a full reopening when “the time is right.”


In a statement, Morrow said,

“The overwhelming response to Drive Thru Zoo, which sold out in less than two hours for the original three dates is very promising for us during this difficult time.”

With its income fully dependent on ticket sales, guest visits, donations, and grants, the zoo has taken a financial hit. They are now running several programs and donation requests to help them recoup the loss from lack of ticket sales.

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A recent media release has also announced that the zoo has set up an emergency fund for donations by launching an Adopt-a-Keeper program to help them continue their operations.


They also set up virtual tours and the Distance Learning Zoo Chats & Online Classroom Sessions for teachers and other education professionals to use with their students.

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A special weekend for foot traffic has been announced for May 29 until May 31 as well, but it is an exclusive event for Pass Holders and Monthly Members.

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