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Vegan Activists Release Contact Info of 9,000 Dairy Farmers So People Can “Take Action”





In an attempt to spread their cause, a group of vegan activists recently made headlines after releasing a list containing the addresses and contact details of thousands of dairy farmers in the UK and Wales. Their purpose, you ask? Well they are encouraging people to take “action” and deal with the farmers.

As it turns out, Project CALF published an interactive map on their website showing the said details and they are inviting people to “document, protest, and expose” the dairy farming industry, which they’ve labeled as “dirty business.”

Source: Project CALF

According to a report, the map seems to have been based off “the Food Standards Agency’s list of registered dairy farms across the whole of England and Wales.”Although the precise count was left unmentioned on the site, FSA’s list had 9,338 farms so far.

Sally Reed an, a local farmer, expressed concern about the matter.

In an interview, she said:

“It’s absolutely disgusting, the website is full of incorrect facts too.

“Our oldest cow is 18! We are on the map and b****y locals in the village are sharing the Facebook page and the website into local spotted and selling sites.

“Cheers for that, make us a target. We’ve decided if any come round, they can have a welcomed guided tour. Nothing to hide.

“We don’t kill bull calves or sell them to market (they go to a local farmer who keeps them as fat beast).”

Source: PA

Reed likewise pointed out:

“Our cows are all of a good age, they don’t go into calf until they are two and have 18 months out to grass before joining the milking herd. Our girls come to us for cuddles and are all happy and well.

“Everyone is welcome to their opinion, we’d just like them to have true accurate facts before they make them.”

Project CALF claims 24 male calves are slain each day and so they hope people will take “direct action” via “citizen journalism, peaceful protesting, and outreach.”

Source: PA

“Locate a dairy farm using our maps. Using public footpaths, obtain the footage of the cows and separation pens,” the website reads. “Talk to the farmers about dairy practices. Let the farmers know their dirty business is everyone’s business!”

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