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Vulture’s Dinner Turned Into A Nightmare After Its Head Got Stuck in Dead Pig’s Butt





So how does it feel to have your head stuck inside a pig’s butt? We wouldn’t know for sure, but one unlucky vulture would have been able to tell the smelly story if only it had the ability to talk.

The story begins with a dead pig lying on the ground, waiting to be feasted on. A lone vulture spotted the carcass, and well, it might have thought that it was its lucky day. But Mother Nature had other plans. Blame it to gravity, or to poor aim, or to pure bad luck, but the vulture’s lucky day turned into its worst nightmare.

The poor vulture ended up having its head stuck inside the dead pig’s anus. It struggled several times to free itself from the clenched orifice, but to no avail. Fortunately, after an hour or so of painstaking struggle, the vulture was able to pull its head out.

Watch the video here:

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At least the vulture lived. How I wish it could tell the tale.

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