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Shocking Video Shows How Easy It Is to Abduct Children





As a parent, it is shocking to know that more than 700 children are abducted everyday in the world. That means quarter-a-million or 250,000 kids are taken away from their families every year.

Joey Salads, known for his series of prank videos on YouTube, proved how easy it is to abduct children in his latest social experiment.

So what exactly did Joey do in order to convince kids to come with him?

Using Donuts, an adorable dog, Joey approached kids and easily earned their trust. By promising them more puppies to play with, Joey effortlessly lured the children away from the playground.

Prior to the social experiment, Joey asked permission from the parents of the kids who participated. Although all of these parents were sure their kids would never talk to a stranger like Joey, he proved them wrong.

See how easy it is for a stranger to take your child away.

This is kid #1’s mom. She was 100% sure her daughter wouldn’t speak to strangers.

child abudction-1

Photo credit: Bored Panda
But this guy brought a cute dog for her.


Photo credit: Bored Panda
And he’s got more puppies to show to her.


Photo credit: Bored Panda
A child would never say no to a puppy, right?


Photo credit: Bored Panda
She was wrong.


Photo credit: Bored Panda
The same trick worked for kid #2.


Photo credit: Bored Panda
As well as kid# 3…


Photo credit: Bored Panda
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