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Apparently, There’s A Thing Called Uncombable Hair Syndrome – And It’s Very Real!

Yup, it sure does exist.






Have you ever heard of Uncombable Hair Syndrome? It is a rare genetic condition which is also known as Spun-glass hair syndrome, Cheveux incoiffables or Pili trianguli et canaliculi. Only about a hundred people worldwide have been documented possessing it. This usually occurs to someone after acquiring two copies of gene mutation both coming from parents.

Taylor McGowan, an 18-month-old baby, has UHS. Her mom, Cara McGowan, would jokingly call her a mini Albert Einstein because of the similarities of their hair.

Meet Taylor McGowan, one of the very few in the world with Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

According to Cara, Taylor’s hair is difficult to style and very sensitive that’s why they’re often cautious about using hair products. They usually shy away from chemical-based solutions because the child’s hair is very prone to damage. Case in point, Cara has tried a lot of hair treatments for Taylor and most of them didn’t work.

Taylor was around 4-6 months old when the family noticed that her hair was different.

“It was a little unique, it was fuzzy, and we expected that it would eventually fall out, said Cara although fortunately, “it never happened.”

One family member thought that Taylor might have the Uncombable Hair Syndrome. At first, Taylor’s parents brushed aside the possibility and were in no way convinced that their child has this ultra rare condition. Eventually, they were proven wrong.

Taylor’s Parents sent blood samples to Germany to know if their daughter really has UHS and if they were carriers of the gene mutation.

To cast all doubts aside, the McGowans sought the help of Regina Betz, a dermatogenetics professor and a pioneering scientist at the University of Bonn in Germany. She discovered and published the PADI3 gene which is the cause of Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

After finding out that their daughter has UHS, the Mcgowans made a Facebook page for Taylor called BabyEinstein2.0.

With BabyEinstein2.0, the Mcgowans hope to raise awareness about the ultra-rare genetic condition her daughter has and to encourage people to be more accepting of every individual difference.

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Nobelle Borines



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