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Guy Bathes In 600 lbs Of Nutella, Angers Netizens for Wasting So Much Food





Almost everyone loves Nutella – that hazelnut chocolate spread that costs a little higher than your average product. However, one crazy YouTuber took his love for this chocolate to the next level.

No, he did not finish an entire bottle by himself. He just plunged into a bath tub filled with 600 pounds of chocolate goodness.

Pure goodness – 600 pounds of Nutella!

Source: CemreCandar
He’s serious.

Source: CemreCandar

YouTube user CemreCandar, a guy from the United Kingdom, posted a video of himself bathing in the hazelnut gooey goodness.

Delicious or Disgusting?

Source: CemreCandar

While many consumers are cherishing every drop of Nutella because, one, it’s delicious and two, it’s quite pricey, there’s this guy who took about six long hours to just fill his tub with it for his chocolate bath.

His YouTube video has now garnered millions of views. However, not everyone was pleased with what he did. Many people have been criticizing him for wasting so much food.

Someone even computed how much the bath costs.

Source: CemreCandar
One user wasn't happy about him bathing in food.

Source: CemreCandar
This one too.

Source: CemreCandar

While others wondered how he would clean the mess up.

How did he clean all those sticky gooey stuff up?

Source: CemreCandar

And some said he might get Diabetes with too much sugar he’s consuming.

Sugar rush.

Source: CemreCandar

However, there are also those who commented that the guy just did it for fun and it’s something he enjoyed so let him be.

Another user said he's happy with what he's been doing.

Source: CemreCandar

This isn’t the first time the famous YouTuber bathe in food. The last time he dunked himself in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. Now, that’s most likely painful on the skin! A year ago, he tried bathing in 520 lbs of melted chocolate. One time, he has bathed in 1,500 pieces of Oreos.

Of course, CemreCandar is not the only one who posted videos bathing in food. It’s actually an internet fad with many individuals trying out crazy stuff. Some bathe in cereals, soda, peanut butter, and of course, homemade slime. Various individuals, adults or children, are trying out this bath craze with food.

Are you ready to watch him bathe in Nutella?

Here’s the full video:

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What do you think of this video? Do you ever want to try this kind of bath? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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