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Cadbury Caramel Spread Goes On Sale And Sends Shoppers Into A Frenzy





Cadbury just turned their famous gooey caramel bar into a chocolate spread, and it instantly became many shoppers’ obsession. Nobody expected that the British multinational confectionery company would switch things up a bit for those sweet tiny squares but they did – and were so glad about it.

In fact, people have been raving about Cadbury Caramel Spread on social media nonstop. The 400-gram tub retails for $7.95 and is available at selected Coles supermarket stores.

With swirling smooth chocolate and gooey caramel, Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread is inspired by the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel bar, which was first introduced in 1976.

The product information reads:

“Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread is the extremely delectable, completely versatile, sweet spread that delight your senses with each bite.

Made with rich caramel and Cadbury dairy milk chocolate, this spread is ideal as a dessert sandwich, as a dip for salted pretzels, and even as a topping for baked goods.

Let your imagination run wild with the spread we’ve all been waiting for!

One of our Cadbury branded products.”

It is also worth-noting that the delicious spread is suitable for vegetarians.

Mumspo Magazine took to Facebook to share a photo of the mouth watering Cadbury Caramel Spread on supermarket shelves, with the caption: “Take my money, TAKE IT ALL.”

Netizens also shared their positive reviews of Cadbury Caramel Spread on the comment section of the post.

Some of the comments read:

“I want it now.”

“It’s nice melted and then poured over ice cream.”

“This is awesome on pancakes; my kids love it.”

“Omg I have to look for that (sic).”

The chocolatey treat joins a variety of luxurious chocolate spreads in Cadbury’s collection. It also comes in Maltesers and Crunchie varieties.

Would you love to try the Cadbury Caramel spread? Let us know in the comment section below!

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