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6 Foods You Should Avoid Eating For Dinner

These delicious options can be a bad choice for dinner.


People are usually so concerned about what they prepare for breakfast and lunch. However, it is also important to consider what foods to consume for dinner. After all, it’s the one meal that you take before bedtime so you need to have the right nutrients in your body before you go to sleep. Unfortunately, most of us make common mistakes when eating dinner.

Dinner is just as important as breakfast and lunch since the food you consume prior to sleeping can potentially aid in weight loss or ensure your body is well-rested. Here are six foods you need to avoid eating for dinner.

#1. Stay Away From Spicy Food

Spicy food has several benefits like helping in weight loss or lowering your blood pressure. Although it’s good for the heart, a plate of buffalo wings covered in hot sauce isn’t the best option right before bedtime.

According to experts, spicy food can also cause heartburn. So yes, it’s not a good idea to consume chicken tikka masala if you’re planning to lay down right away.

#2. Avoid Starchy Foods

Who doesn’t like french fries with everything? Although fries or anything starchy like rice and potatoes would seem like an ideal staple for every meal, you shouldn’t eat them for dinner.

Starchy food tends to metabolize into sugar that can boost your blood sugar and insulin. Without exercise, it gets stored as fat so save the fries for your active days.

#3. Greasy Foods Are A No-No

There’s no problem with enjoying pizza, cheeseburgers, and fried chicken. However, you’ll have to skip the grease for dinner. Greasy food can be difficult to digest especially at night. In addition to that, they can cause problems in your gastrointestinal tract if eaten before sleeping.

#4. No Pasta For Dinner

Thinking of getting a plate of spaghetti before bed? Think again. According to experts, simple carbohydrates get absorbed into the bloodstream pretty quickly and can immediately be stored as fat if you’re not active. It’s better to eat pasta during lunch.

#5. Don’t Eat Chocolate For Dessert

Sure, you need something sweet after dinner but you’ll be better off with something that doesn’t have caffeine. The caffeine in chocolate will keep you from falling asleep.

#6. Reconsider The Nightcap

Some people drink alcohol to help them sleep. However, alcohol can also lower the quality of sleep so you will not feel well-rested. You might even end up being hungrier when you wake up which can lead to overeating.


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