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Panic Buyers In The U.K. Are Throwing Out Their Excess Food To Garbage Bins

While some other parts of the world have nothing to eat during the lockdown…

  • A public official in the United Kingdom expressed his frustrations towards citizens by taking photos of their garbage bins on posting it on Twitter, reminding them that panic buying is not a good idea.
  • The photos show fresh loaves of bread, fruits, and packets of cooked meat, among others.

While many third world countries are scrambling for food and waiting for government aid, several families in Derby, United Kingdom have been exposed for throwing out their fresh fruits, meat, bread, and other untouched food in garbage bins. Obviously, these people went panic buying on the day the country was hit by the pandemic.

Reports of panic buying for fresh food, toiletries, and hand sanitizers led to empty shelves. A National Health Service staff broke down in tears when she could not buy any food during the first few weeks when the coronavirus (COVID-19) started infecting people. Panic buying was rampant at that time and now they realized there is actually no need to buy in bulk some ended up throwing out their purchases on the garbage.

Lib Dem councilor Ajit Singh Atwal expressed his frustrations about this by posting photos of overflowing garbage bins.

He asked his constituents to start checking themselves after stacking “unnecessary items.”

“To all the people in this great city of ours in Derby, if you have gone out and panic buying, bought like a lot of you have and stacked up your houses with unnecessary items you don’t normally buy or you have bought in more food than you need, then you need to take a good look at yourself,” Atwal said.

Amber Von of England said that these people should be penalized for emptying the shelves and then just throwing them out.

Bury Council executive director Donna Hall also took her frustrations on Twitter and said that bins were overflowing when garbage collection services temporarily stopped due to COVID-19.

“The after effects of all that panic buying…what out waste collectors are seeing up and down the country this week…bins stuffed with waste at a time when disruption to bin services is happening to coronavirus,” she wrote.

She suggested that if buyers should just donate their excess purchases to local food banks.

“And give your head a bloody wobble,” she added.

The posts made some netizens people realize that panic buying is indeed a “pointless pursuit” and now many are expressing their outrage against the practice.

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