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Trainer Inspires Doubtful Woman by Gaining 70 Lbs. and Losing Weight With Her

From fat to fit to fat, then back to fit again…


A woman struggling with her weight and unhealthy eating habits for years joined a weight loss program as a last ditch attempt to get healthy.

Unfortunately, years of dealing with obesity had given her extremely low self-esteem, and despite her trainer’s encouragement, she thought it highly unlikely she would be able to lose weight, keep it off, and adopt a healthy lifestyle while she was at it.

Her personal trainer, Adonis Hills, decided to take a different tactic to help Alyssa Kane achieve her weight loss goal and regain all the self-confidence she had lost along the way.

So he decided to gain 70 lbs. of fat just to prove her wrong!

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Little did Alyssa know, Adonis was a former overweight person himself. At age 27, his business failed and he lost a lot of money, along with his dreams, his self-confidence, and his will to live.

Stuffing himself with food became his only solace until a friend urged him to get some air and clear his head. The depressed former businessman took a walk, the first of many, and soon his walks turned into jogs, and in two years, he had lost an equivalent of 100 lbs!

Taking up weightlifting to build muscle, Adonis reinvented himself as a personal trainer, and at the age of 35, currently runs a successful personal training business…

…his own personal success story

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Taking on the Alyssa challenge was a dream come true for him. Alyssa was in the same boat he was in less than 10 years ago, and he was glad to help someone achieve what he himself had achieved through determination and hard work.

Ceasing exercise entirely and eating up to 7,000 calories a day of pizza, donuts, hotdogs, Oreo cookies, McDonalds and soda, Adonis presented himself to a shocked Alyssa, and commenced to work on their mutual fitness goals together.

Seventy pounds heavier, Adonis challenges Alyssa…

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If Alyssa found it difficult at first, Adonis’ hardship was triple that, as he had to push his body harder to drop his newly-found weight, both through giving up the high calorie food intake again, and stepping up his workouts…

…which couldn’t have been healthy for his system.

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But persevere they did.

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In four months of training together, Adonis lost 57 lbs. while Alyssa shed 58 lbs.

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Source: A&E Networks

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Not only did Adonis prove to himself he could lose the weight he gained, but he was able to help Alyssa on her journey to lose weight, become fit and healthier, and regain all the confidence she had lost along the way.


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