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15 Inspiring Couples Who Impressively Went From Fat to Fit – Together!





Losing weight can particularly be a challenging goal to achieve if you are obese. It means you will need to work hard and change your lifestyle for the most part. This, of course, isn’t as simple as it sounds. In fact, it requires a lot of discipline and determination.

But yes, it can be done. We’ve heard numerous success stories of overweight individuals who, through sheer effort and will power, eventually managed to give themselves a healthy makeover.

If you are having a hard time pursuing such a goal on your own, well consider this idea: involve your significant other. With your loved one involved, you will instantly have a support system who will not only join you during workout sessions but also remind you to make healthy lifestyle choices whenever you’re not at the gym.

Case in point, these awesome couples below demonstrate to us what can happen when love and a desire to look better work together. According to science, being happily in love leads to gaining weight. These couples surely gained weight but they also managed to lose some and the results are inspiring!

Scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. This power couple from Tennessee lost 538 lbs together.


Source: CNN
#2. In preparation for their wedding, this couple lost 133 lbs together.


#3. Same with this couple. They spent 5 years working out before they tied the knot.


#4. This couple has officially been named “Slimmers Of The Year” and it’s easy to see why.


Source: Express
#5. Their transformation is so impressive its hard to believe they’re the same couple.


Source: Daily Mail
#6. Speaking of impressive weight loss, check these guys out:


#7. In just two years, they shed 500 lbs of body weight.


Source: WeBeatFat
#8. Another proof that shedding excess fat is not impossible for anyone.


Source: Instagram
#9. You’d hardly recognize the couple after their amazing physical makeover.


Source: Imgur
#10. Before and during the wedding.


Source: Mirror
#11. After deciding to live a healthier lifestyle, this was the result for this couple:


Source: via Facebook
#12. For their 4th wedding anniversary, they decided to look fit instead of fat.


#13. They lost 500 lbs together in just a couple of years.


Source: WeBeatFat
#14. Just take a look at those massive pants!


Source: SWNS
#15. They met at a weight loss clinic, fell in love, and got married.


Source: Daily Mail
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