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Is Keto Diet Safe? Experts Answer This Intriguing Question





The ketogenic diet is a new eating plan wherein you’re allowed to indulge in high fat and moderate protein food items, but limiting or restricting foods with carbohydrates. The popular diet asks for cutting out major food groups, including legumes, dairy, grains, and some nutrient-rich vegetables.

The end result is a decrease in weight since ketones are produced and the body undergoes ketosis. This means that the body has switched from burning carbohydrates to burning fats for fuel.

The ketogenic diet is a popular way to lose weight.

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About 90 percent of Americans have been on a diet and if when asked why they do it, the majority says for weight loss, not for health reasons. There’s no wonder why the ketogenic diet gained immense popularity since it can lead to weight loss in a faster rate.

However, experts are warning the public about practicing diet plans which are not recommended by their dieticians or doctors. They said that the long-term cutting back on carbohydrates can lead to various health conditions.

Though there are many health benefits of the ketogenic diet, such as helping in brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases, it can also lead to micronutrient deficiency.

Pinchas Cohen of the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology said:

“The main problem with it is that it’s not nutritionally adequate.”

She added that she often tells her clients to eat more fruits and vegetables, or else they can suffer from micronutrient deficiency.

This diet focuses on the intake of healthy fats and proteins, while limiting carbohydrate intake.

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Jessica Lowe, a Keck School of Medicine of USC ketogenic dietitian explained:

“It is not dangerous. We just do not have an understanding as to what the long term impact of ketosis is on one’s long-term health. For certain populations — in particular, those with hard to treat seizure bouts, who are placed on a ketogenic diet — reaching ketosis is necessary.”

Also, it’s important not to become too extreme in doing the diet.

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Cut out added sugars from juices, processed foods, and sodas. Plus, avoid simple carbohydrates that metabolize into sugar faster, leading to weight gain. Another expert, Lorraine Turcotte said that healthy eating is still the best and long-term solution to obesity.

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