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The Top 10 Highest Paid Professors in the World





When we think which jobs are the most profitable or give the highest salaries, teaching doesn’t really come into mind. After all, Medicine, Engineering, Law, IT… that’s where the money is at right? Who gets rich standing in a podium for several hours blabbering to sleepy or hung-over college kids? Rich professors… puh-lease!

Very very accurate…

Very very accurate...

Being a professor can be profitable depending on several factors. First, where you are teaching; second, how long have you been teaching; third, what you are teaching and lastly, recognition. Most of the highest-paying universities are found in the USA, and are Ivy League members such as Harvard, Duke, Cornell and Yale.

According to the US Department of Labor, the average 9-month salary of the lowest rank of academe profession, an Instructor receives around $43,000. Assistant Professors receive around $59,000, Associates receive $70,000. And lastly, the Professors get around $100,000. Not to mention the research and faculty grants they can get. But the following list have professors earning almost 7 to 50 times over these averages in 2016 and 2017.

Check out these superstar professors and memorize their faces!

10. Graeme Rankine ($493,000)

10. Graeme Rankin ($493,000)

Position: Associate Professor
Specialty: Accounting
University:Thunderbird School of Global Management

9. Steven Weinberg ($536,000)

9. Steven Weinberg ($536,000)

“I told you I don’t want my picture taken!”

Position: Regental Chair in Science (I dunno there’s a title like that. Is that like the Gods of Professors in Science?)
Specialty: Physics
University: University of Texas
Fun fact: He is a Nobel Prize Winner for Physics due to his work on the Electomagnetic Theory. Yes, Physics majors and Engineering students, you have this man to curse at and admire for inventing that theory and your agonies.

8. Andrew Inkpen ($566,000)

8. Andrew Inkpen ($566,000)

Position: Associate Professor
Specialty: Global Management
University: Thunderbird School of Global Management (also taught in other prestigious universities among the top 100 in the world)

7. Kannan Ramaswamy ($700,000)

7. Kannan Ramaswamy ($700,000)

Position: Chair Professor
Specialty: Global Management, Corporate Strategy, Emerging Markets
University: University of Global Business Management

6.Andrew Isaacs ($709,000)

6. Andrew Isaacs ($709,000)

Position: Adjunct Professor (okay seriously there are many types of professors I didn’t know about)
Specialty: Engineering and Business Administration
University: University of Berkeley
Fun fact: He also teaches or renders consultation services in Silicon Valley with the topics on marketing of nanotechnology.

5. Dan Laughhun ($1.03 Million)

5. Dan Laughhun ($1.03 Million)

Position: Emeritus Professor
Specialty: Business Administration, Risk management, Marginal economics
University: University of Duke
Fun fact: Did extensive research on risk management theories

4. William Fruhan ($1.19 Million)

4. William Fruhan ($1.19 Million)

Position: Foundation Professor
Specialty: Advanced Management, Financial Strategy
University: Harvard Business School

3. Dean Takahashi ($2.6 Million)

3. Dean Takahashi ($2.6 Million)

Position: Adjunct Professor
Specialty: Finance
University: University of Yale

2. Zev Rosenwaks ($3.3 Million)

2. Zev Rosenwaks ($3.3 Million)

Position: Clinical Professor
Specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology, IVF pregnancy
University: All over the world!
Fun fact: He started the egg donation campaign in the US

1. David Silvers ($4.33 Million)

1 David Silvers ($4.33 Million)

Position: Clinical Professor
Specialty: Dermatology and Pathology
University: University of Columbia

Ahh being able to torment, torture or maybe inspire and shape the minds of young people, and then earning that much… Hmmm maybe we can consider being a professor indeed. But well the road to achieving that is arduous and long. All of the outstanding professors in this list have PhD degrees and double or triple specialties. Also did you notice that mostly those teaching business-related courses are the richest? Also why isn’t there a woman in the list?

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