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Toddler Left Alone at Home with Dead Mom for Three Days

Such a tragedy for a young boy….


A three-year-old boy was stranded with his mother’s lifeless body for three days.

After days of not seeing and hearing from Lydia Macdonald and her son Mason Martin, concerned relatives and neighbours called the police in the Lickley Court area of Perth and asked them to investigate.

Inside Lydia’s residence, investigators were shocked to discover the lifeless body of the 28-year-old mother. But they were even more surprised to see the youngster beside his mom’s corpse.

The investigators believe that Lydia died about two or three days earlier. However, the cause of her death is yet to be determined and they are treating the incident as “unexplained”.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

Lydia’s distressed father Ron Macdonald thinks that his daughter died from an asthma attack but investigator still have to confirm this. Forensic officers have started investigating the cause of the young mom’s death.

The 66-year-old grandfather, who described Lydia as happy-go-lucky who lived life to the fullest, said his daughter absolutely adored Mason.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

“He was her entire life. Everything she did was for him,” he added.

Ron also revealed that he and his family will be in charge of raising the toddler since they are Mason’s next of kin.

Photo credit: The Daily Mail UK

He was very sad to begin with, but has brightened up considerably. He has been told about his mum, but we’re not sure how much he understands. We’ll be looking after him,” he said.

Sadly, Mason’s father Bobby Martin passed away in December 2012 at the age of 26 due to “adverse effects of heroin and diazepam”.

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She Went to Prom in an Ambulance and Woke Up After She Got Kissed by Her Prince Charming.

This photo of a teenage girl arriving at her school prom in an ambulance stirred controversy.


Ashvonn Russell  wanted to make her high school prom memorable so she decided to show up at the momentous event in an ambulance.

Apparently, the dance hosted by local Key Club in Bahamas ran a contest for the “Best Entrance” in the event. Determined to bring home the award, Russell came up with the brilliant idea of dressing up as Sleeping Beauty and arriving in an ambulance.

To cap off her grand arrival, Russell remained asleep on the stretcher until her prom date Johnny Auguste a.k.a. Prince Charming kissed her.

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Homeless Man Who Wanted To Be ‘Adventurous,’ Rescued By Firefighters From A Tiny Storm Drain!

He said he was stuck in the very tiny space for three days!

Stories of people and animals getting stuck in a small place or two always get to our hearts. For whatever reason, no law-abiding citizen deserves to be stranded and be rejected of their freedom. But in the case of the story we found, we are not sure if the entrapment incident of a man was self-induced or not. Although this story happened for quite some time now, we think it is still worth sharing as the circumstances under which it happened are quite interesting.

A man, whose name was not identified, was found stuck in a storm drain outside the Centennial Sportsplex in Nashville, TN. After someone heard his yells, firefighters came to the rescue and kept on drilling and sledging for almost an hour to free the man. The mission was so delicate since the man was stuck face down in a very tiny space. The rescue operation was successful but the investigation as to why the man was stuck there in the first place has not found a concrete direction.

When the man, who the police believe is homeless, was asked why and how he got there, he initially said that he wanted to be adventurous but then he changed his statement and instead testified that he was being chased. The man also claimed that he has been in there for three days! Although skepticism is all around the angles of this story, we are still glad that the man was saved -- regardless of how and why he was stuck in the first place.

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Mysterious ‘Angel’ Appeared at a Car Crash Site, Miraculously Did This and Disappeared!

The priest came towards the young girl and prayed for her.

Do you believe in angels and in the power of prayer? Most people encourage us to pray when everything seems lost and hopeless. Katie Lentz's experience proved that angels do exist and that prayers can really move mountains. However, in Katie's case, it wasn't a mountain, but a totally wrecked vehicle.

Katie was 19 years old when she was hit by a drunk driver in the Missouri highway 19, at around 9 a.m last 2013. The impact pinned her between the steering wheel and the car seat.

Katie Lentz's car was hit by a drunk driver in Missouri highway 19.


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