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Sweet Toddler Hugs Strangers When Told It’s Time To Leave





We all know someone who can’t simply go when it’s time to leave a party. They might have to go around the room to say goodbye to each of their friends. However, one toddler took the art of saying goodbye to another level. The adorable kid decided that he should hug everyone in the park when his parents told him it’s time to go. That’s right, he hugged everyone even if they were strangers!

The heartwarming video was taken by Nick Sasfy. The proud dad and his wife Stephanie had taken the adorable little Jude to the local park. Interestingly, when the toddler learned that it was “time to go bye-bye,” Jude decided he shouldn’t leave without letting everyone know. So he proceeded to ambush unwitting strangers with surprise hugs.

Jude hugged as many people as he can before leaving the park.

One of Jude’s first lucky victims was completely unaware that the adorable toddler was targeting him for a hug. However, when he realized what the child was doing, he quickly put his arm around Jude.

Jude also found a group of women who immediately said hi to him and welcomed his hugs. One man even approached him asking for a hug and he complied.

At one point, the toddler almost tripped in his eagerness to reach another stranger. Luckily, he didn’t fall so he continued doling out free hugs, with an adorable one for a fellow toddler.

A fellow toddler asks for a hug from Jude.

Sasfy’s post has already earned 29 million views and over 215,000 likes. It’s quite obvious that people can’t get enough of a cute toddler giving out free hugs.

If anyone is concerned about “stranger danger,” you can rest assured that Jude’s mom followed him as he made his rounds. She explained his actions and the people were clearly grateful for a little love from the toddler. Needless to say, Jude certainly made everybody’s day.

Watch the adorable video below:

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