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Tiny Pink House On Wheels Looks Pretty Inside And Out





You could only imagine how anyone would be able to live in a 160-square-foot house. How can they fit in there? How can they live comfortably? Nowadays, with the very expensive cost of living, particularly in renting or buying a house, people are starting to live in collapsible houses on wheels or a portable kind of living.

Surprisingly, the houses have been built to be comfortable, albeit small, with minimalist accents where all the essential and necessary furniture are installed in a small-studio-type room.

One good example, for instance, is the tiny house called “Poco Pink,” created by design wizards at Tiny Living. The tiny house is not just pretty cotton-candy-pink outside but the inside is quite lovely as well, which will make you think, “I could possibly live there.”

Tiny Living is building their standard prototype or the same specification as that of a traditional home.

They use a conventional 2×4 structure that would allow them to use the same and normal appliances in a standard home.

Poco Pink has a height of an 18-foot trailer and a compact 160 square feet.

When you step inside the Poco Pink, you will be surprised at how spacious and homey it looks.

The design wizards installed several windows to make the interiors look brighter.

Tiny Living also used blonde-colored pine woods to make the room brighter, glowing, and warm in the eyes.

Every space has multiple uses. The loft above the door can be utilized to display plants, as an additional storage space, or even as a single bed for your guest.

The dining table, on the other hand, could not only be used as a table every meal but also as a study table or an impromptu office.

The table can also be fold down to give more space if the owner has guests.

The remaining 2×4 space is built for the spacious standard kitchen and bathroom.

It is surprising that the kitchen is too spacious with several storage and cabinets. And there are drawers and built-in dividers to put all the necessary kitchen utensils.

They also made use of the space under the sink. They installed a tri-fold cabinet door with rotating shelves inside.

Few steps across the kitchen, you will see a hidden pocket door that will lead you to the bathroom.

The bathroom was built like a standard bathroom in a regular house.

And it is way beyond pretty.

A king-sized bed can fit in the sleeping loft with built-in reading light.

There are also on and off switches from both the loft and downstairs lights. The ladder can also be removed.

But wait, there is more! The tiny house has a washer or dryer space for laundry. It can also be used as a closet for clothes.

Tiny Living has created a floor plan where buyers can customize their trailer house according to their desire.

They also have other models that are up for sale as well:

The “standard” Poco in sky blue

And “The Napa Edition”

It has a fold-down deck outside. The deck can also protect the French doors once the trailer is in transit.

The Poco Pink can be bought for only $35,000!

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