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This Modern Tiny House Can Fit A Family Of Five

Francois and Sarah-lee live in a 7.2-meter long and 3-meter wide tiny house with their three children.






Living in a tiny house has become a trend nowadays. However, Francois and Sarah-lee took it to another level by not only making the small space comfortable for the both of them but for their three children as well.

At only 7.2 meters long and 3 meters wide, fitting a family of 5 into the tiny house was no easy task. Fortunately, Francois is a tiny house builder, so he knew exactly what to do to make their new home a beautiful place to live in.

Francois and Sarah-lee had nothing but good things to say about their tiny house.

While some people might feel that the small space is a huge disadvantage, the couple sees it as an opportunity to be a lot closer to each of the family members.

When asked about how the tiny house works for a family of five, Francois said: “It works really well. We’ve always been quite a tight family.”

He added: “The kids are good together, and there are no big fights between them. So, I guess being closer together activate that behavior of them working as a team better.”

Francois then explained how he makes use of the space to fit the necessities without taking all the area up.

He said: “Most of the tiny house is already a narrow space, so when you out things against the long wall, you end up with a little hallway in the middle.”

“So here what we did we’ve pushed the rooms and kitchen at the end of the tiny house to end up with as much free space on the floor in the middle.”

Francois also built a tiny house for his parents as they wouldn’t fit in their home when they come and visit them every year.

Although the family loves their tiny house, Francois revealed that they would eventually move into a bigger house.

He shared that their kids are getting older and they need to have their own rooms.

Would you consider living in a tiny house? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Moral Injury: Wounds and Scars Experienced by ‘Joystick’ Warriors

Like war veterans, drone warriors experience crippling effects of their job.




Counterterrorism actions conducted by the United States government evolved with advancements offered by new technology. Now, targets can already be finished off with just a push of a button, all thanks to drones.

Sixteen years ago, a missile fired from a drone killed 6 people riding in a Toyota Land Cruiser in Yemen. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drone strikes have already killed 7,584 to 10,918 people in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia. This includes between 751 and 1,555 civilians. However, U.S. government figures are only pegged at almost 500.

Drones are now used for U.S. counterterrorism efforts.

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