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Motorcyclist Gets Surprised By Tiger Chasing Him On The Road




  • A video of a tiger darting from the forest to chase a motorcyclist has gone viral on social media
  • Two forest officials went to investigate a wildlife sanctuary in India for tiger sighting.
  • They ended up filming a speedy tiger right behind them.

A terrifying video of a tiger chasing a motorcycle has gone viral after Indian non-profit conservation shared it on social media. The video shows a motorcycle driving along the road of a wildlife sanctuary when a tiger sprang out of the bushes nearby to try to chase the rider.

India’s Forests and Wildlife Protection Society shared the viral video on Facebook and according to them, the footage was recorded at the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad, Kerala where two of the Forest Department officials were driving through.

The tiger darted out of the lush greenery and started to chase the riders at high speed.

Reports stated that the two forest officials were in the area to investigate a tiger sighting. To their surprise, the tiger was behind them and continued to chase them for a few seconds before veering away from them, to the other side of the road and into the forest.

One of the riders can be heard screaming in the video as the tiger is getting a close. It was indeed a close call for the two officials and it’s a good thing that the tiger didn’t pursue them.

Although they can weigh heavy – up to 500 pounds – that doesn’t mean that this big cat cannot speed up. Tigers can reach a speed of up to 65 kilometers per hour. However, this speed can only be sustained over short distances.

As with other viral videos, this one was met with skepticism online.

Due to the number of doctored photos and videos circulating online, it’s easy to doubt the authenticity of a video like this. However, Snopes stated that there are no signs that this video is not legit. The fact-checking site said it didn’t contain red flags of a fake video and it avoided some of the common video editing tricks.

Watching the video will give you the chills but conservationist Prerna Singh Bindra posted on Twitter that the animal was not going to attack but it was rather “mock charging” since a motorcycle is passing through its territory.

Watch the video here.

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