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20 Ingenious Solutions By Broke College Students

#12 is totally genius!


Going DIY is the one of the best methods to save cash for the rainy days. Not only does it spare you from extra expenses, it also encourages you to be resourceful, creative, and to think out of the box.

But for some people, particularly broke college students, going DIY has become one of their survival tactics. Instead of spending money to purchase new materials, these super thrifty people made the most out of the available resources in their surroundings to fix some everyday problems.

#1. How To Use A Drinking Fountain In College


Photo credit: Brian Dawkins
#2. Making The Most Out Of The Chilly Weather


Photo credit: Swight74
#3. Who Needs A New Shower Head?


Photo credit: dontknowbuthello
#4. Milk Gallons + Tissue roll carton = Phone speakers


Photo credit: Bresus
#5. Chair or Trash Can?


Photo credit: tslab
#6. Side Mirror Solution


Photo credit: tractorcrusher
#7. A Genius Alternative To Microwave Ovens


Photo credit: Wyofire
#8. No Need to Buy a New Pair


Photo credit: Shotsfiredyo
#9. The Quickest and Easiest Way to Cook Noodles in College


Photo credit: will_evans10199
#10. Unbelievable Porch Furniture


Photo credit: GoBucks111
#11. Lawn Mowing Made Easy


Photo credit: Living Off the Land
#12. No Need to Shop For A Grill


Photo credit: Imgur
#13. Cups For Your Every Need


Photo credit: Imgur
#14. A Lifehack or Simply Lazy?


Photo credit: ToeFungus
#15. There’s My Spot


Photo credit: Unknown
#16. This Is How Engineers Slice Their Pizza


Photo credit: Imgur
#17. The Shower Curtain Of A Broke College Student


Photo credit: McDrank
#18. DIY for Rednecks


Photo credit: Eskimo151
#19. The Real Living Situation of a Broke College Student


Photo credit: Ethan-Nj
#20. Survival is the Key in College


Photo credit: Brendan1018


12 “Closed” Signs That Are Outrageously Funny

The following is a collection of amusing “Closed” signs that will either leave you confused or make you laugh out loud.


Imagine this: you're on your way to your favorite coffee shop after a tiring day at work and you don't want to do anything but drown your stress in caffeine and pastries. But lo and behold, when you reach the shop you see it's completely dark and there's an ominous sign up front, saying, "The shop will be closed until unicorns can be proven to exist". Frustrating, right? But when you think about it, it's pretty funny too.

The following is a collection of amusing "Closed" signs that will either leave you confused or make you laugh out loud.

Someone needs to be potty-trained.


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Boy’s Reaction to His Mom’s Pregnancy Announcement is Just Precious

Ethan is absolutely ready to become a big brother!

Having a new member of the family is always exciting, not just for the parents but for the older children as well. Take for example, Ethan Bromby who wasn't just happy and excited - he even offered his bed to his unborn sibling.

In the video taken by his mom Sarah, Ethan was handed a card with his unborn sibling's ultrasound photo. Although it became a guessing game at first, his face suddenly brightened when his mom told him that it was her unborn baby.

You will see how maturely he took it. He was composed and just calmly happy until he started to realize how a big deal it would be once the baby came out. He kept on asking his mom if the baby was really inside her belly until he finally cheered "Yes!" when the idea of becoming a big brother finally sank in.

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Watching These Professors Give Meaning to Millennial Slang is Just Absolutely Hilarious!

I never thought professors could be this hilarious!

What happens when university professors give meaning to millennial slang? I bet it would blow your brains out!

I could never imagine a professor say "on fleek" or "fomo" in a class. I mean, professors should have at least a cool vibe with them, but to hear them say "mupload" or "bae" in class would actually reduce their credibility. So I guess professors totally being clueless with these millennial slang is acceptable; but to watch them give meaning to these words is actually just hilarious!

Now, the professors from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania were tasked to give meaning to words that today's generation commonly use.

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