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Three-Year-Old Girl Asked Her Aunt To Put Makeup On Her. Big Mistake!





Little kids want to grow up fast. They think it is cool to be independent and be free to explore the world. Girls, in particular can’t wait to get their hands on makeup. They would want to paint their face and glam themselves up.

No matter how we want to explain that they do not need to hurry and that they have to enjoy their childhood days while it last, their young minds cannot decipher the concept fully.

One aunt, however, knows just how to respond to this kind of situation.

Ohio-based Twitter user Samantha Parsons posted photos of her niece with full makeup on. The makeup is quite extraordinary and one will really find it hard to believe that the little girl named Roey is just three years old.

“Today while babysitting, I was putting on mascara and my three-year-old niece asked if I could do her makeup, too,” Samantha wrote.

Sammy agreed but had a different idea in mind.

Here are Roey’s makeover photos:

Here are Roey's makeover photos:

Look at that eyebrow!

Look at that eyebrow!

Contour, anyone?

Contour, anyone?

Oh little girl, do not be in hurry to grow up!

Oh little girl, do not be in hurry to grow up!

Meet the artist behind the makeover, aunt Sammy.

Meet the artist behindmakeover, aunt Sammy.

The photos went viral, earning lots of reshares and reactions from netizens everywhere.

Here are just some of the hilarious comments:

“I honestly looked at each one for like 5 minutes. I’m amazed lmfao”

“Turned the little girl into a middle school substitute teacher.”

“Wait the girl in the pictures is 3 years old??? No way.”

Internet users compared Roey to lots of diverse fictional characters from baby Grinch to Snow White’s witch to Pennsatucky from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.”

How about you? What do you think of Roey’s makeover and to whom would you compare her to? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too!

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