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Why Pregnancy Jokes On April Fool’s Are Never A Great Idea

“Please think twice before you post that April fools joke.”


Pregnancy jokes are quite common during April Fool’s Day. We bet you your social media news feed will be filled with them this April 1. A lot of people find faking a pregnancy to their friends fun but behind that practical joke is a heartbreak experienced by moms who may have miscarried or have trouble conceiving.

One mother decided to share her pregnancy loss story on Facebook, which has gone viral. Coincidentally, the tragedy happened days before April 1 and her story serves as a wake-up call that fake pregnancy jokes are actually hurtful – and not funny.

Kayla Lee Welch miscarried days before April Fool’s Day.

She starts her post by writing.

“This is why your April fools joke isn’t funny. This is why it’s not funny to lie and joke about being pregnant. This is what it looks like to have a miscarriage.”

Welch posted photos of herself crying and holding up a pregnancy test.

It is apparent that Kayla is devastated.

Kayla explained that she had spotting the week before finding out and thought that it was normal.

She thought she had experienced spotting with her first pregnancy and didn’t worry about it with the second one. But she was wrong.

“I avoid laying down to go to sleep because as soon as I hit the bed I’m alone with all of my thoughts. My brain has finally stopped distracting itself from the one thing breaking my heart. And all I can do is cry.”

Kayla’s eyes had gone swollen and dark from all the crying that she did. It was as if she cried so much that it came to a point she went numb and can’t feel anything anymore.

“My eyes are so swollen and dark it looks like more than just my heart is broken. Crying so hard that you go numb and feel nothing anymore.”

There’s nothing like the pain that comes with grief from losing someone you never even met.

“Trying to be happy that your baby never knew anything other than love. And missing someone so dearly that you never even met. It’s a pain no one can describe. Because how can you properly grieve someone you never got to meet?”

And Kayla’s final words will serve as a reminder to be careful about making practical jokes, especially ones that involve pregnancy.

“Please think twice before you post that April fools joke. Because what’s funny for a second in your eyes crushes someone else’s heart for eternity.”


Heartless Mom Brutally Beats Baby, Brags About Avoiding Jail Time

“So, I’m not going to jail. What’s your next move?” the abusive mom texted the baby’s father.

It’s always distressing when we hear about parents – the very people who are supposed to rear and nurture their children – abusing their helpless youngsters. In most cases, we couldn’t help but feel emotional and disgusted about it.

This can definitely be said about Lorein Norman, a mother from Adelaide, Australia, who physically abused her 8-month-old baby named Evie which led to the poor baby being hoospitalized for it.

The brutal attack left baby Evie with bruises to her eyes, cheeks, and nose.

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Kid Gets Surprise After No One Shows Up To His ‘Stranger Things’ Birthday Party

Why would you even think of not going to such badass birthday party?

Just like any other kid, Aaron Alambat wanted his birthday to be celebrated with a bang. He decided to put a theme built around Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.” Sadly, no one showed up.

His themed party had a Demogorgon blood punch, a kickass cake, and decorations based on the show. Although the motif created the perfect atmosphere, not a single one of his classmates showed up. Everyone, despite receiving invitations, just decided to give Aaron’s party a miss.

It's a pretty upsetting experience to have no one show up to your Stranger Things-themed party.

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Mother-Of-Four Gets Body-Shamed After Sharing Photo of Her Stretchmarks

Others are calling the image “ugly” and “disgusting.”

A mother-of-four decided to post photos of her stomach with stretch marks after body-shamers claimed she has too many kids. Hailing from the Johor province of Malaysia, 23-year-old Doreen Ching shared the images on her Facebook page in response to trolls who said her scars are due to her having four children.

Doreen explains in her post that she has accepted her body’s appearance and that it has changed after pregnancy. She continues that it will never return to its original look after giving birth to triplets and then a daughter.

Doreen is being criticized online after sharing a photo of her stomach with stretchmarks.

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