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‘Pregnant Man’ Maternity Photo Trend In Instagram Is Creepy Hilarious

“OMG I had to do a double take! This is too funny.”


When you combine parenthood with social media, things can get a bit crazy. We’re sure you’ve seen it all online – from those terrible daddy jokes to funny parenting fails and everything else in between.

Now it looks like a new trend just came out of nowhere and is immediately picking up over at Instagram. As you will see on the photos below, the trend is all about dads who appear to be pregnant from a certain angle.

Of course, it’s obviously just an optical illusion but, yes, there’s no denying it’s strangely hilarious and very entertaining.

As a Fatherly report describes the trend, “it’s really the mama-to-be’s belly sticking out from behind an object like a wall or tree while she hides her head. Then the dad pokes his own head out instead so it looks like it’s on his partner’s body.”

Not surprisingly, the photo trend quickly caught a lot of attention on the net and now a lot of parents-to-be have joined the fun.

One commenter on Instagram said:

“OMG I had to do a double take! This is too funny.”

Another wrote:

“This is the most amazing pregnancy pic probably ever!! #couplegoals.”

While someone also joked:

“Dad bod 2.0?!”

According to Fatherly, it was a certain Ronnie from Jersey Shore who started the trend. Now even professional photographers are borrowing the concept to lighten up their shoots.

As photographer Shannon Decole shared it has been helpful in her line of work.

She said:

“It’s a tactic to loosen the couple up. Dads and husbands seem to be so uptight about being in front of the camera.”

Decole described the trend, which she originally spotted at Pinterest, saying it “is for a good laugh and so cute.”

So yeah, while there’s absoutely no way of guessing the next social media trend, we’re just glad it’s wholesome, funny ones like this that get the spotlght from time to time.


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