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Mother Gets Bizarre Surprise After Learning She Had A Miscarriage





A woman and her husband were devastated when they found out that they had a miscarriage with their first child. But somehow, there was a surprising turn of events that led to this bizarre story.

When Meredith was into her sixth week of pregnancy with her first child with fiance Brandon, doctors delivered to her the heartbreaking news that she had miscarried. As expected, the couple was truly distraught.

Seven months after she received the news, Meredith started to feel some pain in her stomach described to be severe and sudden cramps. Brandon never left his wife’s side as she screamed in agony. What came next was something very unexpected – Meredith had given birth to a child on the floor.

What’s shocking is that the whole time, Meredith didn’t know that she was still carrying another life inside of her. She didn’t expect it since, after all, she was told she had a miscarriage. What’s stranger than what already happened was that her water didn’t break and apparently, there wasn’t just something that indicated that she was pregnant.

There’s one big problem about this strange phenomenon, though – the baby was delivered while still inside the amniotic sac, complete with umbilical cord and placenta. This would spell danger to the newborn because it would mean that the oxygen supply would be cut off. Brandon already contacted 911 but only less than a minute, the amniotic sac burst on its own.

Watch the video below to check out this bizarre pregnancy story.

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