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Couple ‘Pressured’ Into 2nd Kid Considers Putting Baby Up For Adoption After Family Fallout

“We weren’t ready for a second child and honestly, I’m not sure we ever really wanted more than one.”


Parenting can be tough, and every mom and dad has moments of feeling like they’re in over their heads. To be a good parent, you should be ready to face all the obligations that come with it. And for one young couple, the idea of raising their kids without family support is so overwhelming they’re considering putting their younger child up for adoption.

The mom took to Reddit to share her story. She explained that she previously terminated a pregnancy after she and her husband decided that they weren’t ready for a second child. This decision would eventually lead them to a deeper problem.

She wrote:

“My husband and I have been together for only four years and I became pregnant within the first year of us dating. We had a beautiful daughter and despite the relationship being new, we were both confident enough in each other that we got married and haven’t looked back. We have a very strong marriage and relationship. If it matters, we’re both 25 and 26.”

The mom then shared that she became pregnant again when their first child was just eight months old. Knowing that they weren’t ready for another child, she shared that she terminated the pregnancy at 15 weeks.

Since her family is anti-abortion, the only person she told was her sister who then told their mother. The revelation put a strain on the relationship between the woman and her mom for a long time. She felt an “immense guilt” for disappointing her mom, so it influenced her to do something she now regrets.

The woman then told her family she and her husband still “weren’t fully ready to have another child” but they assumed they’d get “ample help” from her parents — but that wasn’t the case.

The mom said her family “completely left our lives.” They moved away, closed their Facebook accounts and cut off all communication. According to the mom, her mother told her severing ties was “punishment for having the abortion” and that she’s “not part of the family anymore.”

Now, the mom-of-two is miserable and she’s considering giving their youngest up for adoption.

The dad here is “conflicted” and told his wife “to give him a few months to work on us.” He would “like to keep both children as he loves them both,” but his wife isn’t so sure. As she put it, “I think deep down we all know things are in disarray now.”

After reading their story, people online didn’t hold back. Countless Reddit users called the mom and dad “selfish” and “irresponsible.”


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