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This Guy Beat Cancer With 3D-printed Titanium Chest Implants

The amazing scientific breakthroughs that we only see in science fiction is rapidly coming into reality.


A Spanish patient battling cancer has just won over this notorious disease through a titanium sternum and rib cage virtually designed and manufactured by bio tech company Anatomics in collaboration with Australian company CSIRO 3D printing facility. The amazing scientific breakthroughs that we only see in science fiction is rapidly coming into reality.

A Melbourne-based bio-tech company, Anatomics specializes in innovative medical experimentation and devices. Surgeons in this healthcare company used a series of high-resolution CT scans of the patient’s chest in order to replicate an accurate digital version of his bone structure.

Anatomics cooperated with the CSIRO to produce the 3D-printed implants that are safe to be installed inside the human body. The tech company used a high-powered electron beam to make the titanium more malleable, and safe for the patient. The old man from Salamanca, Spain received the world’s first 3D-printed titanium chest implant, allowing him to survive cancer.

Doctors recreated the patient's rib cage through virtual 3D modeling.

3d printed rib 2

By scanning the patient's chest, doctors can accurately recreate organs inside the body to make exact replicas like this that can replace them.

3d printed rib

For the past couple of years, reconstructive surgery depended on flat metal plates and screws. It’s not really a trusted procedure and many patients didn’t want to undergo such unsafe and uncertain medical method.

But, technology had improved this aspect of healthcare in promising new ways. By using 3D modeling to re-imagine and recreate a patient’s ribcage and sternum, and their unique nuances, the implant production have become more accurate and have turned out to be much safer and more reliable. A doctor from the surgical team said that 3D printing had made their implants fit their clients unique body types more perfectly.

A CSIRO representative explains the components of the 3D printed rib cage and how it fits perfectly inside the patient's body.

3d printed rib 4

“Thanks to 3D printing technology and a unique resection template, we were able to create a body part that was fully customized and fitted like a glove,” José Aranda said.

The patient was discharged 12 days after the surgery, and is steadily recovering since then.

Here’s an awesome video that shows how the 3D printing process goes:

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Eating Nutella Will Never Be The Same Again

Good bye, sticky fingers! These biscuits will make eating Nutella a heavenly and mess-free experience!


Who doesn't like Nutella? It is everyone's favorite spread. It is simply irresistible and is everyone's guilty pleasure. You can eat it as a sandwich filling, as a dip, getting a spoonful of it, or simply by use of one's fingers.

However, after enjoying a fill of finger-Nutella, nobody enjoys the sticky feeling that comes with it. Imagine this: dipping your fingers into a container filled with chocolate and having to lick them. Touching other things will be a burden because you will need to wash your hands. What a hassle!

In 2004, Italian designer Paolo Ulian came up with this clever biscuit design. This design comprises of a small biscuit, small enough to fit to an end of a digit. It is designed to be work at the tip of one's finger. Wear the biscuit, and voila, hurrah! You can enter the Nutella realm. You then dip your finger into the Nutella jar and enjoy the glorious hazelnut chocolate spread without having messy hands. Say goodbye to the days when eating Nutella means sacrificing one's clean hands.

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Scientists Discover New Human Ancestors in African Cave

This human ancestor is unlikely any other species previously known.


Scientists may just be one step closer to elucidating our origins.

Professor and paleoanthropologist Lee Berger has just discovered a new species believed to be the modern human's long-lost ancestor. The new species, named Homo naledi, was unearthed by Berger and a team of scientists in a cave in the Cradle of Human Kind World Heritage Site in West Africa. Berger described the fossils they found as:

"the most significant and extensive discovery of early human relatives ... ever made on the continent of Africa."

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Genius 15-Year-Old Filipino Inventor Has Created Biodegradable Plastic Bags

15-year-olf Filipino inventor Amin Hataman just invented biodegradable plastic bags.

Considered by many as nature's “silent killer,” plastic bags are definitely bad for the environment.

In fact, studies tell us that plastic bags are dangerous to sea life, with over 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. It is likewise an environmental hazard on the land because an average plastic bag usually requires hundreds of years before it breaks down.

Because of this, plastic recycling and the use of eco-friendly bags are being encouraged by concerned organizations in the hopes of at least minimizing the mentioned risks.

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