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Aquarium Toilet is One of Japan’s Tourist Attractions





When people flock to a cafe, it’s usually because of the food, the drinks, and/or the ambiance. But have you ever heard of a cafe getting popular because of its bathroom? Specifically, one that is in the middle of an aquarium!

The aquarium toilet is the primary reason why Hipopo Papa Café, located at the Hayashizaki Matsue Coast in Akashi-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Specifically, it is the women’s toilet surrounded on three sides by a massive aquarium.

While you sit on the toilet and answer the call of nature, you get to look at different types of exotic fish and a male turtle.

The toilet reportedly cost around $270,000 to create.

The Hipopo Papa Café is not a new establishment. In fact, it was built more than 12 years ago. But because of the very unique toilet, the cafe has maintained its popularity throughout the years.

In fact, it has become one of the most in-demand tourist attractions in the Akashi area.

What inspired the owner to create this awesome toilet? Well, it was said that his goal was to make the diners experience the sensation of relieving yourself while in the water, which most of us have done (come on, admit it) while swimming in the ocean.

Having such toilet does have its cons. Not surprisingly, a lot of patrons end up spending more time in the toilet than they should be, which can cause quite a queue outside. Also, there are some who feel uncomfortable having animals look at them while they do their business in the toilet.

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If you think peeing while being surrounded by fishes is disconcerting, how about actually staying in a room surrounded by sharks? Airbnb once held an online contest and the lucky winners stayed at the submarine space at the historic Aquarium de Paris, located in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The winner stayed at a suite submerged 33 feet deep in a three million-liter tank AND inhabited by 35 live sharks.

According to a Forbes article, the suite provides “an immersive experience like no other, the see-through chamber offers an up close and personal look at the steely swimmers, with nothing but a wall of glass separating guests from the fearsome bunch.”

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