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9 Important Things You Should Tell Your Kids Every Day





Whoever said parenting is easy must not be doing a very good job. Not only are children completely dependent on you, but there’s also more to being a good parent than just feeding them and housing them. You also have to maintain a relationship with them where there’s discipline, friendship, trust, and tons of love and encouragement.

While words are useless without action to back them up, it’s still important for parents to remind their kids of how much they love them. And it’s not just by saying “I love you” but through other phrases as well.

#1. I trust you.


Children will one day grow up to be independent beings. So while they’re young, it’s important to let them know that you trust them to make good decisions even when you’re not around to watch over them.

#2. You’re strong. Don’t give up.


As parents, it’s tempting to solve all our kids’ problems for them so they never have a hard time. But parents learn to let go and let their child do what needs to be done. Of course, we can’t just completely abandon them, so the best we can do is to encourage them to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

#3. How did your day go?


The life of a kid might not be as interesting to adults, but showing an interest in the events of your kid’s day gives them the feeling that you’re someone they can really open up to. Even if they’re just babbling about a pretty flower they saw or telling you a story they made up, you need to interact and encourage your kid to express themselves.

#4. I’m on your side.


In the eyes of a kid, parents may sometimes look like the enemy, especially when they make them eat vegetables or go to bed early or discipline them for a wrongdoing. However, parents must always let their kids know that these measures, no matter how disdainful they may feel at the time, are for their own good.

#5. I’m proud of you.


Any achievement, no matter how small, needs to be appreciated and recognized. Tell your kid that you’re proud of them whether they did something big like win a spelling bee or something small like doing chores without being told.

#6. Everything will be okay!


Let your kids know that no matter how tough things are now, they will work out. And even if your kids fail at something, always let them know that there are other things they can do to achieve their final goal, whether it’s learning to ride a bike or finally understanding their multiplication tables.

#7. Thank you for helping me.


Always thank your kids for whatever little thing they do to try to help. Even if they don’t end up doing a great job, thank them anyway for their effort.

#8. What would you do?


Asking your kids hypothetical questions like this opens up a dialog that allows you to explain the difference between right and wrong. This helps your child make better decisions in the future.

#9. I love you.

Say it to your child whenever you can. Even when your kids grow up and become teenagers, and eventually, adults, tell them you love them as often as possible.

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