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Idiotic Burglar Struggles To Break House Window While Garage Door Is Wide Open





A surveillance camera can capture anything in its range. Sometimes it captures absolutely nothing, but sometimes it catches something that can go viral.

While some footage could be helpful in identifying the identity of the suspect, some are just plain hilarious. Like in this particular video, where instead of getting mad at the burglar, people are bursting into tears laughing at his idiotic move.

A thief tried to break into a garage through one of the windows.

Just like any other smart burglars, the thief inspected the house and its surrounding before breaking in. After realizing that no one was around to witness his evil plan, he proceeded to remove the wooden board covering the garage window with all his might.

With dedication and perseverance, the burglar finally managed to open the garage window. After that one final crack, he was probably already envisioning all the items that he could sell and keep from the house — gadgets, pieces of jewelry, all types of furniture, money, and more.

Except, he missed one key detail…

Unfortunately for the thief, the only treasure that can be kept from this incident was this video. He may have managed to break the window open, but it really got him nowhere.

Watch the hilarious break-in attempt video:

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The window that the burglar got into only led him to the house’s garage, which was wide open the entire time. After getting into the window, he ended up walking out from the garage empty-handed.

The clueless burglar brought nothing but embarrassment with him.

Although wearing black pants and a hoodie jacket was his attempt to hide his identity once he completed his task, his dark ensemble couldn’t help him hide his embarrassment. The bottom line is that he didn’t go viral for stealing, but he became viral for being the world’s worst burglar.

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