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These Affordable Islands For Rent Are Your Next Vacation Destinations





Thinking of where to go on your next vacation? Why don’t you ditch the usual staycation at a hotel or a trip to the beach and instead rent a whole island just to yourself. Live the life of your favourite celebrity as you rent any one of these islands for a week or two. All you need is a bit of imagination, adventure and perhaps some bug spray, too.

These islands are affordably for rent on AirBNB:

Bird Island – Placencia, Belize


Just 20 minutes away from Placencia, Belize is Bird Island, a small island inside a coral reef. Available for $350 per couple, you have the island all to yourselves. This includes transportation to and from the island, kayaks, the fire pit and even fishing gear.

Bird Island - Placencia, Belize

Source: AirBNB

A main house and a cabana is available in the island for a total of three bedrooms, four beds and a bathroom. There’s so much you can do here you’d surely book for a week.

Laurel Island – East Hampton, CT

Laurel Island - East Hampton, CT

Source: AirBNB

A 5-acre island located at a lake in Conneticut, Laurel Island can comfortably house, wait for it, 36 people! This island is best for those thinking of doing a retreat or a company outing. You can explore the woods or play volleyball during the day and have a picnic at night with the whole gang at your own private dock. Price is affordable at $210 per person.

The Ark, Tintipan – Cartagena de Indias, Bolivar, Colombia


Source: AirBNB

Located in Colombia, The Ark (El Arca) is just a 90-minute boat ride from Cartagena. The Ark boasts of a 4-bedroom villa in a 10,000 square feet area. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Caribbean from the terrace as you sip margarita on your sunning chair. The island can house up to 25 people and there is a direct access to the sandy white beach. At $450 a night, you get to relax and have a great time with family and friends.

Private Island Cottage – Ottawa, Canada

Private Island Cottage - Ottawa, Canada

Source: AirBNB

A private island on Big Rideau Lake in Ottawa, Canada, is the perfect getaway for those who want to get back to nature and enjoy the wildlife. The cottage is 100 years old and has been renovated over the past several years with a few additions here and there. For just $160 a night, your group of nine will surely enjoy the great outdoors.

Pine Isle

Pine Isle, Lake Maranacook - Maine, US

Source: AirBNB

You can’t exactly really rent the whole island but for $150 a night, you can rent a room at the only house on the island so that pretty much counts for exclusivity. The house has 3 rooms, all for rent and the largest is called the Blue Room. Spend time relaxing at the dock or bond with your special someone near the fireplace as you drink champagne. There’s a five-night minimum stay, with a price of $150 a night.

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