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What’s Happening In This Tropical Island in Maldives Will Make You Sad





When we hear the word island, the first thing that comes to mind is a tropical paradise. A refreshingly beautiful piece of land surrounded by a vast and mysterious sea.

But Thilafushi island is very far from that. It has no mesmerizing beaches and captivating palm trees that you might be imagining right now. Thilafushi or “Trash Island” is a man made island that was intentionally built as a landfill. It is located in the well known tropical paradise of Maldives. Hotels and the surrounding area dumps all their trash on this artificial island.

Trash Island will surely disgust anyone and these photos taken by a 27 year old filmmaker Alison Teals serves as a reminder about the amount of waste we produce everyday. And to draw attention to the reality of its negative impact to our environment.

This island has no beach.


Tons of garbage and toxic waste are dumped on Thilafushi every day.


Most of the trash comes from luxury hotels located on nearby islands.


Several hundred tons of daily garbage from nearby resorts has to go somewhere.


There has to be a better way.


Perhaps each one of us should be more conscious of the garbage we produce.


We must do something about it.


Perhaps recycling might be a good idea.


Let’s be more responsible with our wastes.


Watch the video:

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Looking at the pictures is extremely sad. We really have to be more responsible with our wastes because it’s not good to our planet. If we take good care of our environment, we are taking care of all the living things in it.

The next time you’re in a tropical island paradise located in the middle of the vast ocean, start wondering “Where Does Our Trash Go??”

Credits: izismile, alisonsadventures

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