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The 17 Winners of the Best New Building Awards

According to the annual A+ Awards by Architizer, these are the world’s best new buildings.


It’s always an architect’s challenge to design buildings that are functional and beautiful at the same time. And to honor creations that have fulfilled these two requirements, design website Architizer created the annual A+ Awards.

The winners for each of the 113 categories were selected both through voting and by a jury. Here are the jury’s winners.

1. Best Small Private Home

The Colorado Outward Bound School Micro Cabins by Colorado Building Workshop and the University of Colorado Denver, tiny dorms for outdoor educators. These dorms are in Leadville, Colorado.

2. Best Large Private House

The Greja House by Park + Associates Pte Ltd in Singapore.

3. Best Apartment

Pivot by Architecture Workshop PC, which is a New York studio with transforming walls and secret bedroom.

4. Best Apartment Building

Source: Edward Birch

The Great Wall of Wa in Western Australia, a complex with 12 units build as short-term housing for cattle mustering season. Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects.

5. Best Residential Concept

Golden Ratio by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects, a luxury apartment with only 4 units in Ghent, Belgium.

6. Best Home Interior

The Jerry House by Onion, a holiday home in Cha Am Beach, Thailand.

7. Best Hotel/Resort

Manshausen Island Resort by Stinessen Arkitektur AS, which is a hotel in the Steigen Archipelago, Norway.

8. Best Hotel Concept

Source: Luxigon

Zulal Destination Spa + Resort by By Oppenheim Architecture in Qatar.

9. Best Higher Education/Research Facility

The New York School of Architecture by Tham & Videga°rd Arkitekter at the Royal
Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

10. Best Kindergarten

The typhoon-withstanding Hanazono Kindergarten and Nursery by HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro in Miyakojima, Japan.

11. Best Museum

Biesbosch Museum Island by By Studio Marco Vermeulen, a contemporary art museum in Werkendam, Netherlands.

12. Best Factory

Source: Agag+Paredes

Valdemonjas Winery by Agag+Paredes, a family owned wine business in Ribera de Duero, Spain.

13. Best Low Rise Office

Termeh Office by Farshad Mehdizadeh + Ahmad Bathaei, a retails and office building in Hamadan, Iran.

14. Best Mixed Use Space

Source: Tim Greatrex

House of Vans by Tim Greatrex Architect, which is creative venue for skateboarding enthusiasts in London.

15. Best Healthcare and Wellness Center

Naman Retreat Pure Spa by MIA Design Studio in Danang, Vietnam.

16. Best Restaurant

Mirrors by bandesign,Ltd, a popular destination during cherry blossom season in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

17. Best Religious Building

Source: Verhofsté

Crematorium Hofheide RCR Arquitectes and Coussée & Goris architecten, a crematorium in Holsbeek, Belgium

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