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Thai Mother Leaves Newborn Baby In Trash, Villagers Found Her 12 Hours After

What was the mother of the baby thinking?

Angela Beltran





Pregnancy is both a blessing and a stressful event. For some women, becoming pregnant unexpectedly may take a toll on their lives, especially those who are not ready to become mothers.

In some instances, the expectant mothers learn to value their unborn child along the way. For others, however, they resort to abandoning their babies as soon after delivery for unknown reasons.

In Thailand, villagers found a newborn baby girl thrown in a trash bin.

The infant was wrapped in blankets and stuffed inside a rucksack, which was abandoned in a trash barrel.

The newborn girl was reportedly 12 hours old when she was found because the villagers heard her frail cries in the evening.

She was immediately brought to a nearby hospital for medical assistance.

Now, the medical staff at the Lanna Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand reported that the baby is now safe.

As soon as the news broke out, many people have expressed their interest in adopting the baby to give her a dream life after being thrown away and abandoned by her own mother.

Jiralak Jankrajai from the hospital said:

“The baby girl is healthy and she is in a good condition. She will be transferred to an orphanage where the adoption process will begin.”

“A lot of people have called and visited the hospital who would like to adopt her. She will grow up and have a good life. People want to give her a dream life. It is important that she is taken in by the right family.”

The infant will be taken by the Vieng Ping orphanage where she will stay until the right and suitable family will come to adopt her.

At the moment, interested families are being evaluated, to determine who will best suit the child’s needs.

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Guy Quits Job and Sells Everything He Owns Just to Travel With His Cat

He just can’t leave her unattended and thus decided to bring her along.




Everyone in this world hopes to be successful one day. Hence we try to make the best out of our careers. Sometimes, however, the motivation to achieve success takes a toll on us and we’re already spending a ridiculous amount of hours working too hard.

Rich East is different. He decided to quit his job and sell everything he had just to travel. And the best part here? He’s accompanied by the cutest of creatures: a cat named Willow. Now that’s something you don’t usually see on everyday papers, right?

Rich and Willow have been travelling around Australia for two and a half years already.

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Hot Australian Firefighters Pose With Animals For Charity Calendar

These pictures are seriously hot, hot, hot!

Inah Garcia



The 2018 Australian Firefighters Calendar is out, and now we are confused as to how men who fight fires can actually be the source of scorching heat themselves. What made these men more attractive is that they are doing all the posing for charity.

The calendars feature gorgeous six-packs and marvelous biceps, and come in three different themes. People can choose to get a calendar with firefighters cuddling with puppies, firefighters smiling with zoo animals, and firefighters just being themselves - hot, hot, hot!

The price of each calendar starts from $19.73 plus $5.86 postage. And for those outside Australia, don't fret. They ship worldwide! The proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital Foundation, so ladies (and some gents) will not find it too hard to buy all three. It is all for the benefit of the children, after all.

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Guy Gets Hailed ‘Boyfriend of the Year’ After Swapping Shoes With His Girlfriend

What do you think, guys: Is this romantic or ridiculous?

Mark Andrew



First off, I just got to admit this: some supposedly sweet acts done by some couples simply leave me feeling confused. Remember that Chinese girl who went viral after carrying her boyfriend through the flood to save his precious leather shoes? I wasn’t sure if that was sweet or ridiculous when I first heard about it.

Well another couple from China has made waves on social media and, as with the story above, their tale involves some footwear.

This couple has sparked a heated debate among netizens on social media.

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