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Texas Teen Achieves Viral Fame After Rocking Statement Shirt With Strong Message

The world would be a better place if we all heeded this teen’s advice.


It’s always amazing when young people go viral for the right reasons. Aaron, 17 years old, of Houston recently gained a lot of online love after posting a photo of himself on Twitter.

What made the image special, you ask?

Well, Aaron was rocking a statement shirt with a powerful message!

Source: twitter

The shirt posed the question: “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?”

According to the teen, he originally saw the shirt on Instagram being sold by Green Box Shop. The words resonated to him and he knew he just had to purchase it. After all, he “had problems in the past with people being homophobic.”

In his own words, the teen from Texas explains:

“I have been a victim of bulling because I am gay and, yes, I have overcome all of those obstacles in my life, and when I saw the shirt I was amazed because of the message the shirt says.”

The message, of course, is plain and simple. In fact, it’s similar to something we may have all heard from our mothers: “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

Aaron wore the statement shirt to school and Sydney, his friend, took his photo. He later took it to himself to post the image on Twitter to hopefully “send out a good message.”

And it was a good message indeed – one that, much to Aaron’s surprise, reached hundreds of thousands of netizens after receiving numerous retweets.

Many agreed with the message and have felt inspired to speak out against homophobia.

Naturally, Aaron couldn’t be happier since his message spread not only in his school but across the world.

He said:

“It feels amazing to see everyone ‘ooing and awwing’ at this [shirt] and seeing them interact with the message.”

Kudos to you, Aaron, for a job well done! You just proved that sometimes, it’s the small and simple acts that matter most.


This Facebook Post About Stay-At-Home Moms Went Viral For All The Right Reasons

What a touching tribute for hardworking stay-at-home mothers!

If there is a single question that most stay-at-home mothers get asked all too often, it’s got to be “what do you do all day?” And quite frankly, that kind of question isn’t always appreciated.

Besides, it kinda sends a discriminatory tone that such moms aren’t contributing much just because they are not employed full-time at the moment.

But really, if you think about it deeply – stay-at-home moms are doing their jobs full-time and it can be more difficult than most of us realize.

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Blind Singer From the Philippines Amazes People With Guitar-Playing Skills and Vocals

This blind singer from the Philippines is worthy of a worldwide spotlight.

Somebody shared a link to a very surprising video via our inbox and we thought it would be worth sharing. The video features a blind singer named Renie Entatano who is from the Philippines.

Based on the information given to us, Renie was born blind. He is a resident of a village named Tarusan in the town of Bataraza in Palawan. The province of Palawan is a about a one-hour plane ride from the Philippines' capital region, Metro Manila.

Renie Entatano's guitar seems to be an extension of his body.

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25 Positive Things That Are Happening All Over The World Right Now

The world needs more of these right now.

The past year was crazy. Terrorist attacks, murders, wars, bombings and all sorts of negative news have been all over social media and news outlets. You’d think that there’s nothing good in this world anymore. The real deal is that there are so many good and positive things happening and are not picked up by media.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a short list of positive stuff happening all over the world.

25. If you can read this, you're part of the 84% literate. Back in the 1850s, only 10% can read.

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