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9 Telltale Signs Your Body Is Not Digesting Meat Properly





For most of us, eating steaks and hamburgers, among others, is a tough thing to resist. And this is despite the fact that we are aware of the consequences of consuming too much of this food. Apparently, meat contains a large number of natural chemical toxins and saturated fat that can make digestion difficult. Hence overeating it can lead to some serious consequences in the future.

We have compiled the telltale signs that your digestive system is not processing meat very well. Take note of them and, as much as possible, reconsider your current diet. Scroll down below!

#9. Constipation

Each individual has a different digestive system, and it is somehow based on genetics and dietary habits. Meat, depending on the cut, has very high fat content. The latter takes a good amount of time to be digested and thus can result in indigestion the following day. Constipation, in particular, is a result of high iron normally obtained from red meats (pork, lamb, or beef).

#8. Constant Feeling of Hunger

If you feel hungry all the time even if you just ate a meal, then it means you have too much protein in your body. When you lack carbs, your body’s blood sugar level significantly reduces. Hence your body does not produce mood-regulating serotonin, the chemical responsible for making you feel hungry.

#7. Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

If you think those dark circles on your eyes are caused by lack of sleep or tiredness, then you need to change the way you think things. You see, these circles are actually due to improper digestion of meat. This process can heavily disrupt your beauty. Indigestion often results in the production of certain antibodies that help in eliminating foreign substances. Apparently, it results in a reaction that produces dark circles on your eyes.

#6. High Blood Pressure

Experiencing high blood pressure is a sign that you need to stop eating too much meat. The latter, be it processed or cooked, contains high levels of sodium. This is thanks to the seasoning, preservatives, and salt added to the meat when cooked or processed. Too much consumption can also lead to hypertension and thus open the chances of you getting coronary heart disease.

#5. Bad Breath and Body Odor

When your body is having trouble digesting meat, it always leads to body odor and bad breath. Basically, a smelly odor caused by indigestion is sent back to your digestive system and eventually find its way to your skin and/or breath. One way to battle these is by taking digestive enzymes which can assist in breaking the meat down.

#4. Weakened Immune System

It is expected of you to experience more sickness or illness when your body does not digest meat properly. Your immune system is heavily affected due to the natural sugar (Neu5Gc) found in red meat.

This one, in particular, is difficult for the body to digest. And since our body does not produce this natural sugar, it is deemed a foreign substance that actually lets out a toxic immune reaction. Mind you, this reaction can result in various problems, with cancer being one.

#3. Fatigue

Ever feel tired or sluggish after eating meat? Well, that is because your body is not digesting meat properly. It is rather stuck in your bowels. And when this happens, it significantly diverts all of your energy to your digestive system. It is about time you consider eating vegetables and fruits.

#2. Nausea

This one here, though, is a common symptom of meat indigestion. However, it can also be a serious sign of a reaction to certain bacteria found in meat. If you feel nauseous and experience cramps at the same time, consider seeking the help of a doctor right away.

#1. Bloating

Again, meat products are among the most difficult foods to digest because of the protein. It is just harder for our digestive system to break it down and thus leads to bloating. Fatty foods are proven to cause bloating and/or discomfort. Indigestion can lead to toxin accumulation in your body.

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