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Girl Demonstrates Effective 2-Minute Teeth Whitening Hack Using Kitchen Items

Thinking of investing in expensive teeth whitening procedures? You might want to see this first!


Having yellowish teeth is embarrassing. Aside from it being physically unattractive, it also implies poor hygiene. But staining the teeth is inevitable; of course, we eat colored food and drink coffee or tea regularly hence, it is a given.

Generally, having a set of pearly white teeth is hard to achieve. Some people who are desperate to whiten their teeth resort to expensive dental procedures that are not only painful for the teeth, but for the wallet as well.

In this video we found, a girl demonstrates a natural home remedy for whitening the teeth using materials that can be found in the kitchen. It is an inexpensive intervention that looks quite impressive. However, please be warned that this formulation may destroy the enamel coating of the teeth thus, making it vulnerable to damage and thinning. This procedure is recommended to be performed not more than once in a week.

Here is the video:

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Home & DIY

Guess What These Stunning Wedding Dresses Are Made Of…

These stunning dresses were made using toilet paper and loads of creativity.

It’s every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle in her dream wedding dress. A girl will search high and low for that perfect gown. Unfortunately, not all females have enough budget to get the princess gown that they’re dreaming of.

Stunning gowns often come with designer prices…or so we think. These beautiful dresses can pass off as expensive couture creations when viewed from the runway. What’s even more amazing is that these dresses cost peanuts because they’re actually made from toilet paper.

The vast potential of toilet paper


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How to Make Fire On Your Next Camping Trip Using Only a Chocolate Bar and a Soda Can

Don’t fret if your forgot your lighter, this simple life hack will surely come in handy!

Camping is a one-of-a-kind experience that can teach us to be life-smart and resourceful at the same time. While we may spend days thinking what to pack, it is inevitable to forget essential things like a lighter or matchsticks. In these cases, we are forced to use our critical thinking to turn whatever is available into something useful.

If ever you find yourself stuck in the cold wild and forgot to bring your lighter, you can try this simple trick to start a fire and get all warmed up. With just a chocolate bar, a soda can and some naturally-occurring materials in the forest, you can make it happen. Do this to survive or simply impress your friends with this life hack!

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Guy Builds An Awesome Hut Using Only Primitive Tools And His Bare Hands!

Using nothing but his bare hands, primitive tools, and natural materials, he builds this impressive shelter. By the time he’s finished, there’s even a fireplace with chimney!

The world has become digital in all aspects. Whether it be ordering your food or getting a hotel reservation, everything can be done with a touch of a fingertip. While modern technology has numerous benefits to civilization, it is still important to not forget the simple kind of life because it is through the primitive that our advanced living is shaped and based.

We found this video of a man, who amazingly built a hut in the middle of the forest using nothing but naturally-occurring materials. From stones as ax and sticks as lighter, nothing looks modern in everything he used. According to the YouTube description of the video, the hut is two meters in width and two meters in length. The side walls are one meter and the highest point is two meters with a triangle-shaped roof standing with an angle of 45 degrees.

The video may be long but it is sure worth watching! From the foundation of the hut to the fireplace with chimney, the way he created a humble abode with only his bare hands is awesome!

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