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Teen’s Ultrasound Seemingly Shows She’s Pregnant With A Fish





Kimberly Robles of Manait in Bacacay, Albay, Philippines became the talk of the town after she supposedly got pregnant by a fish! The 17-year-old started gaining weight about seven months ago with her stomach growing in line with a pregnancy.

Since Kimberly’s stomach suddenly grew bigger without warning, her family believed she was pregnant despite her young age. However, the teen kept insisting that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she definitely didn’t have an intimate moment with any man.

After being persuaded that Kimberly did not have a secret lover, the teenager’s family accepted the theory that a sea creature had impregnated her.

Filipinos have a lot of superstitious beliefs, especially those living in remote areas and the hinterlands. After Kimberly’s confirmation of not having a boyfriend, her grandmother explained that there’s a superstition stating that women should not swim in the ocean or even in rivers during their menstruation.

According to elders in the town of Manait, women should keep out of the sea for up to five days after their monthly period.

Since Kimberly ignored this superstition, her family believed that she might now be carrying a sea creature’s baby.

This belief was even strengthened when Kimberly’s ultrasound showed a fish-looking entity in her stomach. However, the family sought a second medical opinion and revealed that the girl was, in fact, suffering from a large ovarian cyst.

Her doctors squashed the town’s belief and said it’s impossible for a human to be carrying a live fish in the womb, or even in the stomach.

Legazpi City Hospital promised to shoulder the costs of Kimberly’s operation, but she still needs financial assistance for other needs, including the tests she needs to undergo before the surgery.

The family is now appealing for help to fund an operation to remove the growth.

For those who’d like to help, you can send financial assistance below:

BPI Tabaco City Branch
ACCOUNT NAME: Kimberly Robles
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0839-1883-07

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