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She Told Her Father That She Had Bad College Test Results. The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking!





Poverty can make the young people of today want to ditch their studies and start working. With the financial burden that comes with going to school everyday, some just want to spare their families from spending for their daily allowance and tuition fees. This may be sad but it is a rampant happening nowadays.

In this video based from a true story entitled “Last Day of School,” high school student Siew Fang is faced with multiple roles — a daughter, a mother to her siblings, a nurse to her father, and a working student. She is a loving and caring teenager who always puts her family first.

When her mother died, she took on the responsibilities in the house as her father is physically disabled. She cooks, washes the clothes, and ensures that her family has everything they need. Aside from that, she also works at a pastry shop after school before she fetches her siblings. But on top of it all, she is a good student. After her household chores, she stays up late at night to study her lessons, particularly during the upcoming college entrance examinations.

Her father was pleased to see Siew Fang study hard for the college test.


Photo credit: Viddsee

But even if she is a good student and would likely succeed in college, she has something else in mind.

When she got her test results, she made a shocking decision.


Photo credit: Viddsee
A decision that made her father completely turn away from her.


Photo credit: Viddsee
Watch the video here for the full story:

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No child has to bear the responsibility of providing for his or her own family. They are entitled to a good education and a home that fosters a fun and loving childhood environment. It is just sad to think that young people are being pushed to work so early in the hopes of alleviating poverty in their families.

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Credits: Viddsee


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