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Teenager Survived a Plane Crash and Hiked For 2 Days to Find Help

How this teen survived from a plane crash is believed to be a miracle.

Jessa Ventures





Life is a gift but oftentimes, we fail to appreciate it. We live each day whining about a lot of things, forgetting the fact that we should be grateful instead. For now, let this story teach you how important life is and believe that everyday can be a miracle.

Autumn Veatch was found wandering in the woods by a driver two days after their plane crashed. The 16-year-old teenager was flying in a private plane with her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, from Montana to Washington when it crashed somewhere in northern Washington state. Fortunately, she survived with only some minor injuries.

Autumn Veatch posing in the plane before it took off.


She was flying in a private plane with her step-grandparents.


Unfortunately, the private plane crashed somewhere in the northern Washington State.


Autumn stayed at the site before deciding to hike downward until she found a creek and followed it.


Photo credit: FOX9.COM
The brave young lady endured a 2-day hike in the rugged North Cascades Mountains…


… before she was found.


‘At first she was nervous, she said, and she was scared,’ the sheriff told CNN. ‘She followed it all the way for two days, spending the night along the river there once.’

Autumn eventually found a highway where she was rescued and taken to Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster. She developed rhabdomyolysis, a muscle disorder, but suffered no life-threatening injuries, said Scott Graham, chief executive of Three Rivers Hospital. She is doing well now except for the trauma caused by the horrific accident.

“Autumn is struggling with the loss,” Autumn’s father David told CNN.

“These people were really playing the part of grandparents to her and that’s hitting her really hard,” he said. “I believe in God. … There’s no way I cannot believe in God.”

Many of their family, friends and even strangers have shown their support for Autumn too especially after David posted a short yet gleeful status on her Facebook page saying “Autumn is in pretty good spirits, joking about the survival shows they used to watch together.”

“It’s a miracle when you have a plane crash of this type,” Lt. Col. Jeffrey Lustick of the Civil Air Patrol told KCPQ . “It’s a rarity to have someone come out of this and be able to walk out of a crash scene.” He added.

Meanwhile, crews are still searching for the plane and Autumn’s grandparents. Everybody is hoping and praying that they are still alive too, after all everything is possible with God.

Watch the video below:

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Was she “too ginger” to fly?

Mini Malabanan



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Grace Wain was denied to fly on board to Maldives by an Etihad staff at the Manchester airport without obtaining a written confirmation from a doctor.  The check-in staff insisted that the teenage girl was “too pale” to board the flight even after an airport paramedic declared she was all-clear to fly.

“I told them, ‘We live in Scotland. She is a redhead and she has a pale complexion. That’s just the way she is,” says Paul, Grace’s 45-year-old father.

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This man learns his lesson the hard way when he mess with wrong bull.

Jessa Ventures



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The incident took place in Mislata, Spain. At first, the bull was taking its time but is ready to attack him and soon after, it did -- leaving the man knocked down. By now he has probably learned his lesson, the hard way of course.

The thing is, if you're looking for trouble, you'll most probably get into one and festivals like this is obviously not an exemption.

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This is what happened to a man in Yuma, Arizona when a motorcycle allegedly cut him off and committed lanesplitting. He got off his vehicle and went over to the motorcyclist guy and the passenger, the girlfriend. Tempers flared and the road rager just totally lost it...he actually assaulted the motorcyclist! He even hurt the man's girlfriend!

Watch the video to see how it all went down...

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