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Teacher Removes All The Desks In The Classroom. You’ll Never Guess Why She Did It. Remarkable!

Her students thought she was crazy then they learn this..

Inah Garcia





Teachers are our kids’ second parents. More than teaching math or science, they impart important values to our kids that can shape them to be honest and responsible citizens in the future. We have our fair share of favorite teachers. There are those who teach proficiently using the classic classroom setup, and but a handful impart life lessons in the most unconventional methods.

Take Martha Cothren for example. Cothren was mentioned in then presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s speech. A lot of attention were drawn to Cothren during that time because of her unique way of teaching. This article features one of her most memorable classroom interventions, which taught her kids a valuable lesson.

Before the school year started at Robinson High School in Little Rock, AR, Cothren removed all the desks from the classroom and shocked all her students come first day of school. The kids naturally asked Cothren where the desks are but they were told that they have to earn them to get them.

A Typical Classroom – but wait, where are the students’ desks?


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The students were puzzled and thought about all the possible ways to earn their desks. They asked Cothren if excellent grades or good behavior is the key. But the teacher said NO.

Each passing day, the students’ confusion grew. They told their parents, who in turn informed the media of this unusual act. At the end of the day, Cothren finally revealed what it takes to earn those desks back.

Who would not get stunned with this scene on the first day of school?


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The students were surprised when 27 veterans suddenly entered the classroom, carrying their desks. Known as a longtime advocate for veterans, Cothren explained,

“You don’t have to earn those desks. These guys did it for you. They put them out there for you, but it’s up to you to sit here responsibly to learn, to be good students and good citizens, because they paid a price for you to have that desk, and don’t ever forget it.”

Martha Cothren, teacher and longtime advocate for veterans.


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What an inspiring teacher! Kudos!


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