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Teacher Takes Care of Student’s Baby Brother While Family Awaits COVID-19 Test Results




  • Luciana Lira, an elementary school teacher in Connecticut, has agreed to care for her student’s baby brother.
  • Reports say that Teacher Luciana received a call from Zully, the boy’s mother, requesting for help.
  • Zully has contracted the coronavirus disease, and the rest of her family needed to be tested.

A bilingual elementary school teacher in Connecticut named Luciana Lira has gone the extra mile in showing compassion as a teacher and a human being by agreeing to take in a student’s newborn baby brother, after they tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In a Facebook post made by Joy Colon, a fellow school teacher at Hart Magnet Elementary School, we learn that Luciana got a call from Zully, the mother of Junior, one of her 7-year-old students, while the latter was about to give birth to her baby.

Before Zully was placed on a ventilator for an emergency C-section five weeks ahead of schedule to keep her baby safe, she had made the request for Luciana to call her non-English-speaking husband Marvin,who is also unable to read or write in English.

According to Joy, Zully also “asked Luciana if she could come to the hospital” because “she had just been diagnosed with [COVID]-19, and she was about to deliver.”

Baby Neysel, after being born five weeks earlier due to COVID-19.

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According to reports, Zully is originally from Guatemala and has come to the U.S. as an asylum-seeking immigrant. She and her husband had to ask Junior’s teacher for help because they did not have anyone to turn to in the U.S.

Luciana shared that she did not think twice about agreeing to Zully’s request. In an interview, she even called it “a call from God.”

“I have always believed that the relationship between student and teacher should go beyond and above to include the whole family,” Teacher Luciana had said.

Luciana Lira created a GoFundMe page to help her student’s family who all tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Zully remains in intensive care while Marvin and Junior are both at home, quarantined after testing positive. The baby whom they named Neysel stayed under Teacher Luciana’s care.

Read Teacher Joy’s full Facebook post here:
teacher-luciana-lira-cares-for students-baby-brother-joy-colon
Baby Neysel finally goes home.

In a recent update, Teacher Luciana shared that Baby Neysel has finally been reunited with his family after they all tested negative.

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