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Taxi Driver Helps Passenger Buy Dinner For Pregnant Wife After He Forgot His Wallet





Taxi drivers have one of the most tiring and dangerous jobs out there. They work almost the whole day, and they open their doors to strangers who would sometimes give them a hard time – or even rob them.

There are so many real-life taxi drivers stories available online, but the most unique is probably about one ComfortDelGro taxi driver. You see, when his passenger forgot his wallet, the driver didn’t get mad at him or blame him for wasting his time. Instead, he helped him out to give the couple a nice night.

The passenger took to Facebook to share his amazing encounter with a good Samaritan. He said that on Monday, March 11, his wife who was heavily pregnant was having a bad day over a “bad dinner.”

Wanting to make things better for his wife, he quickly went out of the house to buy his wife her favorite dish to cheer her up. He flagged a cab, got in, and waited to arrive at his destination.

While on the way, however, the man realized that he didn’t bring his wallet with him. He was such in a hurry to buy his pregnant wife some good food that he forgot to grab his wallet on the way out.

The man was left with no choice but to tell the taxi driver the truth. He told him that he forgot his wallet , and the taxi driver was okay with it.

But the story didn’t end there. The man still wanted to buy his wife’s favorite dish, so he pushed his luck a little bit more and asked the taxi driver to loan him SGD 5 (approx. USD 3.75). The taxi driver was hesitant at first but the man pleaded to him, saying that the food is for his pregnant wife and that’s when then compassionate taxi driver gave him the money.

The man also left his phone in the car to assure the driver he’s not going to run away. After getting the food, they want back home and immediately paid the driver.

Thanks to the taxi driver, the husband successfully cheered his wife up.

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