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8 Travel Mistakes To Avoid On Your Next Vacation

You could save hundreds of dollars on your next trip!

Nobelle Borines





You could be forgiven for spending too much when you are on vacation. After all, we all deserve only the best experience when we travel for leisure. However, you can still go on a fun trip without breaking the bank. All you need to do is avoid making mistakes that cost you hundreds of dollars.

There are several little errors that you can avoid when you’re planning a vacation. For instance, you might miss your credit card payment due date when you are away. This could lead to significant late fees and a negative effect on your credit score so plan ahead and pay up before your due date. Here are eight more travel mistakes you need to avoid so you can save more on your next vacation.

1. Waiting Too Long Before Booking Your Flights

The quickest way to spend hundreds of dollars on a trip is to book your flights at the last minute. Airline tickets typically cost at least $100 more when you book two weeks or less before your flight. If you can, try to book your flights at least three months to seven weeks before the intended date because that’s when the rates are at their lowest.

2. Saying No To Travel Insurance

Sure, you’re saving some cash when you don’t pony up on travel insurance. However, you have to consider what will happen in case of theft, illness, or lost luggage on your trip. Accidents can cost you so make a point to look up your travel insurance options.

3. Not Reading The Fine Print

You might think you’re getting a great deal on your airfare or hotels but low costs could also mean hidden charges. Don’t jump at a bargain before doing your research. Make sure you are aware of all extra fees before taking the deal.

4. Using Your Credit Card For Everything

We understand the convenience of credit cards but you must also consider the foreign transaction fees. This should be fine if you are going on a short trip but a longer vacation and numerous purchases might cost too much.

Try getting a debit card or look for credit cards that don’t charge extra fees.

5. Always Taking A Taxi

New territories could be difficult to explore so most people rely on taxi drivers to take them everywhere, and we know how fares can rise when you are going to or leaving the airport. Look for a hotel that offers complimentary shuttles. You can also purchase a map, ask for directions from your hotel, and take advantage of public transportation like trains and buses.

6. Just Accepting The Cellphone Roaming Charges

There are other ways to keep in touch with your loved ones even when you’re on vacation. Take advantage of your hotel’s WiFi and contact everyone through Skype, FaceTime, or Viber. You can also purchase a local prepaid sim card so your friends can still call you.

7. Eating At Tourist Spots

Have you ever noticed that food and drinks are always really expensive at popular tourist destinations? You don’t need to pay too much to sample the local cuisine. Ask the locals where they usually dine. Try the street food, which is a lot cheaper than anything you’ll get at the hotel.

8. Bringing Home Excess Baggage

You always want to bring home a few things from your vacation but hopefully, not to the point of having to pay for excess baggage fees. You can avoid this by packing only the essentials and making room for the goodies you purchase on your trip.


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