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Chinese Taxi Driver Finally Reunited With Missing Daughter After 24-Year Search

Hoping to narrow his search and find his daughter, he decided to become a taxi driver.


Wang Mingqing is among the many fathers whose kid(s) went missing for years. His daughter went off the radar in Chengdu China when she was only three years old. He and his wife were selling fruits when they realized that Qifeng was no longer with them.

They did what every parent would do and thus a massive search for the toddler began. Wang even resorted to ads on various local media outlets while setting up missing posters around town. He also went to different hospitals and homeless shelters, as he hoped to find his missing daughter there.

Wang’s daughter had been missing for over 20 years.

The weeks turned into months, but their search had not resulted in anything. Their hopes of finding their daughter had grown slim. They were just devastated.

Twenty-one years after Qifeng went missing, Wang continued his search. He did not give up. Interestingly, he thought of an ingenious idea that would help him narrow his search. And what exactly was it? Well, he decided to become a taxi driver.

He decided to become a taxi driver, as he hoped to narrow his search.

Whenever he would pick up passengers, he would ask them about her daughter and whether they know a thing or two about her whereabouts. He would also give them a card with Qifeng’s picture and their contact information.

Apparently, his idea paid off. His passengers were inspired by his story, sharing it with as many people as possible. And after two years of doing this work, he reportedly gave more than 5,000 cards.

It was only a matter of time before his story went viral online, thanks to the help of a local Chinese media.

For 2 years of operating a taxi, he gave over 5,000 cards.

Wang, in an interview with the news agency, was quoted saying:

My biggest wish right now is that someday my daughter will sit down in my car, and shout “Dad!”

Later on, a woman by the name of Kang Ying stumbled upon Wang’s story and reached out to him. They did a DNA test and, after several days, the results came back positive. The father and daughter have finally been reunited.

Fortunately, after years of searching, the two finally reunited.

Source: AFP
Such an inspiring story indeed!

Source: AFP

At first, everyone who followed Wang’s story did not believe as the results surfaced on April Fool’s Day. But it was true – he indeed found his long-lost daughter.

The 27-year-old woman had to fly 3,000 kilometers from Jilin to reach Chengdu. But seeing that she finally got reunited with his father, it was totally worth it. It turns out that Kang was adopted and grew up just around 20 kilometers from where her biological parents lived. She then moved out when she became an adult.


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