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Talking Bird Reacts After Being Told He Was Going to the Vet





Pets aren’t excited at the prospect of going to the vet. Most of them will give their humans a hard time trying to get them inside their carriers. Some pets will hide and try to abort the dreaded appointment with the vet.

This beautiful cockatoo named Max reacted in a different way. Cockatoos are prone to spurting out gibberish, and Max is no different. When his human daddy told him that he needs to get inside his carrier for a visit to the vet, Max went absolutely nuts! I was crying with laughter while watching this video.

His human was firmly telling him to get his butt into the carrier so they can go, but Max was having none of it. It’s impossible to understand what Max was trying to say with all that gibberish but it’s clear he was not thrilled to go to the vet.

His reaction totally cracked me up!

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