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Talking Bird Rescued From Divorced Couple Recorded Their Hilarious Marital Fights!

This bird needs counseling.

Couples fight, and that is perfectly normal. But having a pet watch a couple fight can become an entirely different story, particularly when your pet is a talented cockatoo. Such kind of bird is the main character of our story. Meet Peaches – a Moluccan Cockatoo.

Peaches was recently adopted by Don and Elaine Sigmon, a sweet couple from North Carolina. They got Peaches from Neil Ebling, a man who breeds German shepherds. You see, the couple originally planned to adopt a dog, but decided to adopt Peaches instead.

“Neil informed us that he was looking for a good home for Peaches because he was so busy with the dogs and felt that she needed more attention than he could give her,” Elaine told

However, soon after moving in with the Sigmons, Peaches began to reveal an uncanny yet incredibly entertaining behavior. She screams and rants – displaying a one-bird show of hostile bickering. The thing is, Ebling got Peaches from a divorced couple years ago. And apparently, the smart cockatoo still haven’t moved on, and she still carries baggage from her past.

Peaches appears to mimic the belligerent arguments of her previous owners, and her new owners find her outbursts hilarious. Such episodes, indeed, are a sight to behold.

Watch Peaches’ hilarious outburst:

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Peaches has a soft side, though. She loves to cuddle and knows how to say “I love you” and “Hello”. The Sigmons say that she is a joy to have around.

Well, there is definitely one lesson that you can learn from this story: Never fight in front of your pets.


People From Across the World Hilariously Try to Replicate Australian Accent.

Cheddar May Hey Hoe?

People from across the world have been captured trying to replicate an authentic Australian term by traveler Kieran Murray during his six month continent-hopping holiday. Travelling through America, Europe and Asia, the young Australian man decided to make his holiday slightly more memorable by asking people he met to try and convincingly repeat after him, all the while filming their responses.

Despite how simple the term ‘G’Day Mate! How you going?’ is, people from across the world from Eastern Texas to Berlin struggle to come to terms with it and hilarity ensues when Kieren’s new friends attempt the phrase, certainly not without effort, but without any real results. Only a small handful come anywhere close to sounding authentically Australian.


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The Bacon Shield and 28 Hilarious Ideas by People Who Take Problem Solving To A Whole New Level.

These hilarious ideas deserve a round of applause…


Have you ever encounter a problem you thought you can't possibly solve? When you can't think of credible ways, will you resort to these hilarious answers instead? Here are 29 funny, extreme, unique and outrageous ways to solve a problem. Some sure got me asking like "How come I didn't think of that?." Desperate times indeed call for desperate measures just like the images below.

Number 9 is so clever but I can't get over #27 and #28. Too cute and funny. Check it out! Forget your problems and just laugh.

#1. I should have known.


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Parents Explain to Their Kids How Babies are Made and Things Go Hilariously Awkward!

“Mommy and Daddy took off our clothes… and did a special dance.”

The birds and the bees: This is probably the most awkward conversation for all of us, as our parents fumble around explaining to us the shocking truth about “how babies are made.” Yep, it's so awkward that most parents always prefer to avoid having such conversation. But at the end of the day, learning about sexuality is a normal part of child development, and answering your child's questions in an honest, age-appropriate way is the best strategy. Eventually, it's a parent's job to correct their child's misconceptions about where the babies came from.

Nobody definitely likes "the talk" - it's so uncomfortable whether you're the parent or the kid. But it turns out that watching other parents explain sex to their kids is hilarious.

This video from showed us how awkward it is, when moms and dads try to set the record straight about the birds and bees with their cute, innocent kids. You’ll be amazed how these kids react when their parents start sorting out how the baby gets inside the tummy and how the baby gets out....

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