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Sliding Down Switzerland’s Mountain Coaster Looks Like Loads Of Fun!

Tag your friends who would totally love to try this out.

Looking for a fun outdoor activity with your friends? Well, we’ve got you covered if you are from Switzerland – or are at least willing to travel to the country.

Tin toboggans are particularly popular in Switzerland right now. In fact, you can find them in more than 24 locations, some of which stay open throughout the entire year. Tracks run for about 1 kilometer in length and you may reach a speed up to 40 kilometers per hour as you slide down.

Brice Milleson, a tourist from Ohio, shared a video on his YouTube page showing him riding one of these awesome mountain coasters.

YouTuber Brice Milleson shared a video of him sliding down the alps riding a mountain coaster.

YouTuber Brice Milleson shared a video of him sliding down the alps riding a mountain coaster.

It’s pretty obvious that the guy had a great time!

Go watch the fun video here:

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Since being published on YouTube last February 2015, the video has since gone viral gaining over 631,000 views and counting.

Some viewers, however, took the time to bash Brice’s music of choice for the video.

Brice apologized on the video description saying:

“I had no intention of this going viral so chill on the music lol, at least you can mute it.”

If I had my way, I’d totally want to try this one just for the heck of it but alas, Switzerland’s totally too far from my area.

Anyway, thanks, Brice, for sharing the awesome video. Don’t mind the haters, okay?

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The Loneliest House in the World, Perfect Place If You Hate Nosy Neighbors

Who lives in this mysterious house, and why all alone? How do they get their groceries, or medications?

As the saying goes, "No man is an island." Then again, there are certain people who — for one reason or another — prefer to be alone whether for just a short span of time or for the rest of their lives.

One place that would be perfect for those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle of civilization (which, at times, includes nosy neighbors) is a house situated in an island on the southern coast of Iceland.

The island of Elliðaey is actually part of a group of islands called Vestmannaeyjar.

There's only one house on the small island of Elliðaey.


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This 18 Year Old Guy Dropped Out of School To Travel The World. Best Decision Ever!

Nine years after leaving school to travel around the world, this man has an unconventional method of learning and this is by traveling the whole world. Now, he has seen places beyond from what we see in books and internet.


Many people love to travel. It opens our eyes in to different cultures, practices and people.

Traveling will equip you with real experiences like seeing awesome views, mysterious places, meeting new people, learning different languages, eating exotic food, doing fun activities, experiencing different kinds of weather, learning different types of education and the list goes on.

Traveling with all the challenges it presents and opportunities, let’s you discover who you are in a way that only the road brings. The places and experiences you imagined, daydreamed and envisioned can happen by traveling. The journey it offers brings a lifetime and unforgettable memories.

A young Norweigan man decided to travel the world and share about his awesome experiences.

A young Norweigan man decided to travel the world and share about his awesome experiences....

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A Sneak Peek Into the 10 New Best Beaches Around the World According to TripAdvisor

Beach trips are the best kinds of vacations ever. Check out the list of the most popularly visited beaches around the globe according to a travel website.

A trip to the beach will always be the best kind of vacation any individual can ever have. The warm sun that kisses your face, the powdery sand underneath your toes, and of course the cool, crystal blue ocean that makes you smile every time you take a dip. Beach vacations are always relaxing and easier to book because all you have to think about is packing your swimsuits, tanning lotions, sunblock and a pair of shades and you're actually good to go. It's also less costly and a lot easier to maintain especially if all you want to do is chill under the sun for a few hours before going swimming.

The only problem is, with hundreds of beaches and long coastlines available to anyone, which beach do you pick for your next trip? To make it easier for everyone (of course we'll include ourselves!), TripAdvisor compiled a list of the favorite beaches around the world its users approve on. If majority of the TripAdvisor members say these are the best beaches around the globe, who are we to say it isn't so?

Ladies and gents, we present, the top 10 beaches of the world:

#10. Nacpan Beach, El Nido

10. Nacpan Beach, El Nido...

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