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Sugar Baby Paid Off Her Student Debt With The Help of Her Five Sugar Daddies




  • Gracie Adams, 19 years old, has settled her tuition debt in Lincoln University – thanks to her five sugar daddies.
  • Adams, a sugar baby for more than 2 years now, earns over £300 per date plus she often gets gifts such as new dresses and shoes.
  • Her family and boyfriend are all supportive of her sugar baby “career,” although they sometimes fear for her safety.

Gracie Adams, a 19-year-old lady in Belfast, is a sugar baby for more than 2 years – with at least five sugar daddies and she regularly meets with three of them.

Adams boasted that she already paid-off her £30,000 student debt, just by having a “platonic relationship and mentorship” with her five sugar daddies.

In a report, Adams said she started signing up to Seeking Arrangements when she was nearly 18 years old. At first, she wasn’t really fond about the idea of committing with the sugar baby lifestyle. But when she moved to Lincoln University and found out that many other young students are also doing it, she started to take it seriously.

“I found that loads of women at university had signed up and had very positive experiences…it helped them get through student life, keep up with rent payments and have cars at university,” Adams said. 

Fast forward to the present, she now has a total of five sugar daddies and she is seeing at least three of them on a regular basis. 

As part of the agreement, her sugar daddies treat her to fancy dinners ranging from £80 to more than £100. Sugar daddies also request her to dress beautifully and sends her £100 to purchase an outfit prior to their dates. Apart from that, her sugar daddies also give £150 as a tip.

Being a sugar baby for two years now, Adams could have been living a luxurious life like her fellow sugar babies. However, she has opted on using her earnings on paying her £30,000 student loan.

“Using Seeking Arrangements helped me become more confident in talking to men online and what to look out for, as you can have some men lying about themselves and what they do, which is my biggest precaution and worry,” she said.

Adams also insists that all her relationships with her five sugar daddies are purely “platonic and mentorship”. She even made sure that her boyfriend and family are aware about her chosen “career.”

One time, she asked for her boyfriend’s opinion if he would feel okay if she starts being “more serious” about her sugar baby lifestyle. He was “very supportive,” said Adams.

Adams “loving family” also knows about everything and she never has to worry about any judgement from them.

“When I first told them, they took the news with humour and told me to ‘crack on’, but of course they can sometimes worry about my safety online,” she admitted.

Adam’s shared that the best date she ever had with her sugar daddy was during one summer when she had fancy dinner on a rooftop bar while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

“It was a beatiful experience and one I could never forget after the meal, we had some drinks and got to know more about each other,” she said.

At the end of the date, Adams said, her sugar daddy brought him home safely and gave him $150 on top of that “best date ever” experience.